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Work orderSub projectTaskWhoStart dateEnd dateNotes
1Complete Geo and MI convertersComplete GeoDN, MM10/210/19DONE
  Complete MIDN, CFE10/610/19DONE
2Test/refine converterConvert all FGDC records to BTekOMM 10/20 
  Convert all HFA records to BTekODN 10/20DONE
  Domain and Harvcore ontology hostingRS   
  Setup specific Geo and MI versions of Huda's VitrolibDN  DONE
  Create script to generate files of 10,000 lines eachDN 12/7 
  Create script to load all of the 10,000 line files for MIDN 12/7 
  Load ALL converted data into Geo and MI Vitrolibs on StanleyDN, CFE, MM 12/21 
  Check sample of FGDC records in VitrolibMM1/21/5 
  Check sample of HFA records in VitrolibCFE1/81/12 
3Define visualization needsFinalize[?] use cases and define proposed visualizationsMM, CFE, TBD 12/21Dependent on visualization specialist
4Targeted Metadata for VisualizationsDefine specific entities in Geo BTekO and any elements once or twice removed to be used, with specific examplesMM, CFE 12/21part of proposed visualizations
  Define specific entities in MI BTekO and any elements once or twice removed to be used, with specific examplesMM, CFE 12/21part of proposed visualizations
  Define reconciliation strategyMM, CFE, DN  are we still planning to do automated reconciliation? or does reconciliation mean manual lookups in this context?
  Define specific Vitrolib lookups (and any necessary UI) to enter/refine these specific entities.  Here's a quick mockup of the existing Activity form, but with an extra box for ISNI lookups:, CFE doneare we expecting to incorporate more lookups past ISNI and geonames?
  Implement Activity form with ISNI lookup in Huda's new Vitrolib environmentDN 12/15Can lookups be used in more than one context? Or are they limited to use in a single form? Can they be implemented outside a custom form?
  Add geonames look-up to Activity form, if possibleDN 12/21dependent on help from Huda and Lynette
  Targeted metadata production to add/refine entities defined for visualizationMM, CFE, Metadata Creation staff?1/22/28 
5 (question)LDNDefine specific entities in Geo metadata which should notify MI of changesMM, CFE 11/1done/not needed: begin development with notifications for changes to any entity; notifications should go in both directions between two Vitrolib instances
  Build LDN tool and integrate with both Vitrolib instances to export notificationsSC 12/15 
  Build LDN tool and integrate with MI Vitrolib instance to subscribe to and receive notificationsSC 12/15 
  Demonstrate working toolSC 1/15/18 
  Document the demonstration resultsSC 2/1/18 
6VisualizationPrototype Visualizations (stand alone)MM, CFE, DN(?), TBD 12/? 
  Refined Visualizations (stand alone)MM, CFE, DN(?), TBD 1/31/18can we assume that if metadata coninues to be added, we can re-generate whatever visualizations we create?
  Spotlight implementation with Geo and MI records 2/1? Who's doing this?
  Visualization integrated into a demonstration Spotlight collection with small number of recordsDN(?), TBD 3/15/18 
7Production conversion workflowHGL data ingested into LibraryCloudMV1/2/181/31/18 
  HGL data converted and exported as BTekO RDFMV, DN 2/15/18 
  HGL data cronned to import into VitroLibDN 2/15/18 


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