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Dear Reporting users,

Aleph authority data in HVD10 is now available in Cognos. The new query subject is called LCAUT MARC tags, and is included in Core HOLLIS data in the  Z00R table data folder. The table has the same structure as Z00R for BIB and HOL MARC data with query items for AUT_DOC_ID, AUT_LINE_NO, AUT_TAG, AUT_TAG_AND_INDICATORS, and AUT_TEXT. As a Z00R data source LCAUT MARC tags provides access to complete, current authority data in HVD10.

Unfortunately, LCAUT MARC Tags does not join to any other tables in Cognos. Direct links between authority and bibliographic MARC records are not supported in Aleph, and therefore could not be enabled in Cognos. 

Three sample reports for LCAUT MARC tags are available in Public Folders > Core HOLLIS data:

  • LCAUT Z00R - Find local authorities by sublibrary code in subfield $5  -  Finds local authority records in HVD10. Optional prompt to limit by sublibrary code in subfield 5.
  • LCAUT Z00R - LC authority search  - Finds LC authority records that contain specified keywords. Prompts for field tag and keyword. Searches up to three fields and returns records that contain all terms.
  • LCAUT Z00R - MARS-LC authority records added to HVD10 - date range limiter - Finds LC authority records added by MARS during a specified date range. Prompts for dates.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding LCAUT MARC tags, and feel free to request additional reports.

Best, Allison


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