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Spreadsheet Upload Errors:

Last updated March 26, 2015


  • At this time, exporting legacy records and re-uploading can cause issues, even with no updates made to the data.  If a term used in a controlled vocabulary field is not an approved term, the import will fail.  Recommended work around is to either fix these terms to approved terms prior to export, or to clear the data causing the term mismatch.


  • Known fields that are causing spreadsheet import validation errors:
    • Comma delimited, multiple urns in column B.

(This is an artifact from having multiple deliverable image files)

  • Data in column BC (Data Source Type) that predates and no longer matches terms from the OLIVIA move to a controlled list for that field.
  • Also in column BC, single space characters appear to have come over with some records in the migration. These can be difficult to detect unless explicitly looked for.




  • To confirm address invalid data causing upload errors:


  • At the upload error dialog box, click on “Download Errors” in the lower right corner.





  • In the Error report, cells containing invalid data will be highlighted in red. In the example below, a single space character has caused the error.





Errors when editing multiple Display Records at once in SS Edit mode:

Last updated March 26, 2015


  • This appears to only apply to migrated records. At this time, attempting to edit 2 or more legacy Display Records throws the error shown below.

Artstor is working to resolve this issue.




  • Duplicate/near duplicate Note types.  May ask ArtStor to cleanup
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