Items and Holdings

  • Items must be attached to holdings. Alma will not allow you to create an item without a holding.
  • When creating an item through other workflows such as Acquisitions, Alma will also create a holding if one does not already exist for the item’s library/location/call number.

Option 1: From the Metadata Editor

From the holdings record:

  • Use the Add Item option in the icon menu
  • Or, use keyboard  shortcut Alt + I
  • Or, go to Tools > MARC21 Holdings > Add Item

This brings you to the Physical Item Editor to edit the item.

Option 2: "Quick Cataloging"

Used primarily by Fulfillment staff

  1. Resources > Create Inventory > Add Physical Item
  2. Alma will ask if you want to attach the item to an existing holding, or create a new holding.
    • Select New to create both a new item and new holdings record. In other words, there is no holdings record for your location already.
      1. Select Book or Article

      2. Enter a Title

      3. Start typing a Location. Alma will search the location list based on what you enter. Select your location.

      4. Click outside the location box to have Alma capture that info.

      5. At that point, the barcode box will no longer be grayed out, and you can enter a barcode.

      6. Click Save

    • If you select Existing it will ask you to choose an existing holdings record. This will only allow you to add the item to that holdings record, not create a new item at a different location.

      1. Click on the Select from a list icon (three dots and three lines) to open a repository search
      2. Search for the holdings record you want to use
      3. Click on the record in the results list to choose it. Alma will bring that title back into the Add Physical Item dialog box.
      4. The Location will be preset to the existing holdings record; you cannot change it.
      5. Scan in the item Barcode
      6. Choose an Item Policy.
      7. Add other information if desired.
      8. Click Save.
  3.  If you select New holdings, when then item is returned, it will trigger a work order to be sent to Technical Services for more thorough cataloging if needed.

Open questions:

  • What other fields should we add beyond the required fields?  ISBN? 
  • Should we check the Suppress from discovery box?

Option 3: During the Acquisitions process

Continuous Orders best practice: Create new items via the Receiving List (option 1 below) not the List of Items (option 2). See also: Item Records - Creation and Duplication Differences Between Receiving List and List of Items.

Option A - Receive New Items list

From the Receiving list, you can create new items for Continuous orders, not for One time orders. 

  1. Click the row action item icon to the right of the title you want to receive new items for
  2. Choose Manage Items
  3. Choose Receive New Items 
  4. This will open the Physical Item Editor and allow you to create a new item
  5. Click Save

If the item is received during the creation process, its status will be Item in Place, unless you check Keep in Department. See Receiving a Continuous Order for more information.

Option B - List of Items

From the List of Items, you can create new items for One Time or Continuous (not recommended) orders.

  1. Click on Actions above the items list
  2. Choose Add Item
  3. This will open the Physical Item Editor and allow you to create a new item
  4. Click Save

When you create an item from the List of Items, the new item's status will be Item in Place.


Permission Roles (CONFIRM??)

  • Purchase Operator/Purchase Manager (PO line set only)
  • Vendor Manager (vendor set only)
  • Acquisitions Administrator
  • General System Administrator


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