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Item Material TypeUse forReporting CodeDefinition
Art Original
ARTORIGVisual art, whose product is to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content; from AAT: Refers to objects that are visual in nature, were created by the use of skill and imagination, and possess an aesthetic that is valued and of a quality and type that would be collected by art museums.
Art (Reproduction)Narrower term for GraphicARTREPROCopies of art images, art objects, decorative arts, or other valued images or objects, made without intent to deceive; with regard to art images, it includes photographic reproductions.
ATLASVolumes of maps, with or without descriptive text, which may be issued to supplement or accompany texts or be published independently.
BOOKItems comprising a collection of leaves of paper, parchment, wood, stiffened textile, ivory, metal tablets, or other flat material, that are blank, written on, or printed, and are strung or bound together in a volume.
BOXRigid, often rectangular containers usually with a lid or cover in which something nonliquid is kept or carried.
CD-ROMFor audio, use Sound Recording (CD)CDROMCompact discs on which a large amount of digitized read-only data can be stored.
Data / DriveFlash drives, hard disks, external drives.DISKStructured sets of data held in computer storage, especially those that incorporate software to make them accessible in a variety of ways. Devices that, using an access mechanism under program control, enable data to be read from or written on a spinning magnetic disk, magnetic disk pack, floppy disk, or optical disk media.
DVD-ROMFor video, use Visual Material (DVD)DVDRMa DVD used as a read-only optical memory device for a computer system.
EquipmentLaptops, tablets, ereaders, cameras, accessories, chargersEQUIPArticles or physical resources used to array, dress up, rig out, equip, or otherwise provide with what is requisite for efficient action by a person or animal or for a thing.
GLOBERepresentations of the Earth, heavens, or another planet in the form of a ball.
GraphicPosters. Broader term for Art ReproductionGRAPHICa graphical item
ISSUEA single item of a periodical. This is the broader term for Issue (bound) and Issue (looseleaf)
Issue (Bound)
ISSBDA bound single item of a periodical
Issue (Looseleaf)
LOOSELEAFa single part of a regular series of publications which has each sheet of paper separate and removable
Manuscript(populate from cat list discussion)MANUSCRIPTHandwritten documents, particularly books and other documents created before the invention of the printing press. May also be used to distinguish certain documents from published or otherwise printed documents, as in the cases of typed personal letters or a typescript from which printed versions are made
MAPRefers to graphic or photogrammetric representations of the Earth's surface or a part of it, including physical features and political boundaries, where each point corresponds to a geographical or celestial position according to a definite scale or projection. The term may also refer to similar depictions of other planets, suns, other heavenly bodies, or areas of the heavens.
FICHEFlexible, transparent sheets of film bearing a series of microimages on a flat sheet of film, usually arranged in a grid pattern, to be read by magnification on specially designed equipment; normally having an identifying strip legible without magnification.
FILMTransparent films bearing microphotographs of documents, images, etc, to be read on specially designed equipment.
MicroformUse more specific term where availableMICROFORMAll media used to record microimages. This is the broader term for Microfiche and Microfilm, but also includes other microforms such as microcards, etc.
Mixed MaterialUsed for archival collections or kits, unless more specific terms are available.MIXEDAny combination of a variety of materials. Usually used for archival collections consisting of various materials housed together.
Music (Scores)

Written or printed materials (scores and/or parts) that provide instructions to performers for realizing the composition, as represented in notation, graphic, or textual format.

NEWSPAPERSerials published at stated, frequent intervals, such as daily or weekly, and containing news, editorials, features, advertisements, and other items of current interest.
OTHERThis is the broadest category, and may be used for any material that does not correspond to a more specific material type.
PamphletAlso used for articles/offprintsPAMPHLETIndependent publications consisting of a few leaves of printed matter folded or fastened together but not bound, often with no cover or a paper cover.
PHOTOGRAPHRefers to still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials, generally by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal. Photographs may be positive or negative, opaque or transparent. The concept may include photographs made by digital means.
REALIASpecifically, in libraries, realia are physical objects that are not the books, periodicals, or sound or visual recordings typically cataloged by libraries.
Slide (Microscope)
MICROSLIDEThe thin, flat pieces of glass on which specimens are mounted for the purpose of microscopic examination.
Slide (Photograph)
SLIDEPositive transparencies in mounts suitable for projection, usually 35mm film in a mount of 2 by 2 inches. An image on film or glass, usually positive, intended to be viewed by means of light passing through the image and base using a viewer or projector.
Sound Recording (Cassette)
AUDIOCASSETTECassettes of audiotape. According to international standards, the tape is usually 0.15 inches (3.8 millimetres) wide and can carry 4 to 8 tracks.
Sound Recording (CD)Use for SACDs, DVD-audioCDOptical disks on which sound recordings are digitally encoded for a laser beam to scan, decode, and transmit to a playback system.
Sound Recording (Digital Audio Tape)Use for DATs and mini-DATs.DATMagnetic tapes on which sound is recorded digitally.
Sound Recording (LP)Narrower term for Record: use for LPsLPLong playing phonodiscs that predominantly have a rotational speed of 33 1/3 rpm (revolutions per minute).
Sound Recording (Phonograph Cylinder)
PHONOGRAPH_CYLINDERHollow cylinders with an audio recording engraved on the outside surface, which can be reproduced when played on a mechanical cylinder phonograph.
Sound Recording (Record)

Broader term for any type of micro-grooved phonodisc: use for 45s, vinyl 78s, flexi discs, etc.

Use more specific term when available.

PHONODISCDiscs of polyvinyl chloride, or other substances so prepared that sound is reproduced when played on a phonograph player.
Sound Recording (Shellac Record)Use for shellac, lateral cut 78s (do not use for vertical cut discs)STANDARD_RECORDPhonodiscs made of shellac, which predominantly have a rotational speed of 78 rpm (revolutions per minute)
Sound Recording (Other)Broader term for all physical sound recordings; use more specific term when availableRECORDOpen reel tapes, 8-track tapes, wire recordings, cylinders, rolls, or other media not represented by a narrower term, on which sound has been recorded.

Sound Recording (Vertical Cut Disc)

Use for vertical cut discs, e.g. Edison, Pathé, etc.VERTICAL_CUT_DISCPhonodiscs manufactured with a vertical cut recording process (as opposed to a lateral cut), also known as hill and dale.
Sound Recording (Other)Broader term for all physical sound recordings; use more specific term when availableRECORDOpen reel tapes, 8-track tapes, wire recordings, cylinders, rolls, or other media not represented by a narrower term, on which sound has been recorded.
Video Game
VIDEOGAMEVarious interactive computer games in which a player controls electronically generated images on a video display screen.
Visual Material (Blu-Ray)
BLURAYDisc designed for the storage of high-definition video and data.
Visual Material (Cassette)Use for VHS, Beta, U-maticVIDEOCASSETTECassettes containing recordings on videotape.
Visual Material (DVD)
DVDOptical disks used primarily for storing video data. They are the same size as compact discs, but designed to hold approximately seven times more digital information, including multiple layers.
Visual Material (Laserdisc)
LRDSCData storage devices, larger than DVDs, in disk form that use lasers to write and access data. The data may be stored in an analogue format such as a videodisc, or in a digital format such as a compact disk.
Visual Material (Film Reel)
FILMREELSpools used to wind lengths of photographic or motion-picture film for projection, processing, or storage.
Visual Material (Recording)Use more specific term if applicable.VRECORDRefers to manifestations of moving images, in any media.
Visual Material (Other)Broader term for all visual material; use more specific term when availableOTHERVM

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