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Searching for Invoices

There are two ways to search for invoices:

  • Search for a Vendor to see all invoices for a that vendor.
  • Search for a specific invoice using the search bar, the Invoices search type, and a criteria like Invoice Number:
    Note: When you search for an invoice #, you may get multiple results because invoice numbers are not unique among vendors.


We will use the following invoice # as an example:  Invoice number: 0111393 and vendor National Register Publishing.

Searching for invoice # 0111393 shows all results for invoices with that number:


Two vendors used the same invoice # for their invoices, so select the invoice from the vendor you are working with.


View an Invoice Record

Click on the invoice # to get to the Invoice Details for the invoice record.

Summary Tab


The summary tab includes the Payment status, date, and amount at the bottom.


Invoice Lines Tab

On the Invoice Lines tab, you can see each invoice line item on that invoice. Select View to see the Invoice Line Details page for any invoice line.



Notes Tab

On the Notes Tab you will find information on who entered the invoice, who approved the invoice, and other information.

Attachments Tab

Clicking on Attachments will allow you to view any attachments associated with this invoice, or add a new attachment.











Get to Fund Information from the Invoice Record

From anywhere in an invoice record, you can click on a Fund name to go to the Fund’s Transaction info page:


To view the full fund code, click on the Summary tab to see all the details:




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