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  • Introduction to the Community Zone

What is the Community Zone?

The Community Zone is a unique feature of Alma, a shared space accessible to all Alma institutions and managed by Ex Libris.

A community catalog accessible to Alma customers.


  • Currently bibliographic records for e-resources
  • Shared records, managed by ExLibris and the Alma community
  • May eventually include print
  • Example: an eBook title

A central knowledge base (KB)


  • E-inventory
  • Collections of resources, much like SFX targets
  • Managed by ExLibris, but can be localized
  • Example: an eBook title accessible from a specific interface



A global authorities resource


  • Shared repository of standard authority files
  • Example: LC name authority file



Identifying Records in the Community Zone

When searching the repository, the  icon indicates that a record belongs to the Community Zone:


Working with Records in the Community Zone

Resources activated in the Community Zone are copied to the Institution Zone but remain linked to the Community Zone. Any future updates (e.g., to coverage information) are maintained by ExLibris.

You can, however, localize this data and maintain for yourself, if necessary.


Searching the Community Zone

To search the Community Zone from the persistent search bar:

  1. Choose a Titles or Authorities search type
  2. Click on the Search Zone icon to the right of the term field:
    • House icon = Institution Zone (Harvard's records)
    • People icon = Community Zone records

For a walkthrough of searching the Community Zone, watch the Alma Community Zone section of the Alma Overviews online course Searching module.


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