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The tables below have been transferred (and content added) to a Google Sheet located at  To access the spreadsheet, please contact 


The following tables are not up to date:

Display elementsIDSPDSVideoOSDNew IDSComments
BrandingYYY Y 
ToolsYYYYYOSD can display icons over image or in a separate toolbar.
HelpYYY Y 


YY  YOSD example:
ThumbnailYY Y OSD can display a thumbnail by enabling the "viewport navigator."
Full imageYYYYY 
FunctionsIDSPDSVideoOSDNew IDSComments
ZOOM: fit to screen   *RS*OSD seems to support something similar using zoom and pan options.
ZOOM: fit to width   * *OSD seems to support something similar using zoom and pan options.
ZOOM: fit to height   * *OSD seems to support something similar using zoom and pan options.
ZOOM: in by clicking [plus] iconYY Y OSD can display icon over image or in a separate toolbar.
ZOOM: out by clicking [minus] iconYY Y OSD can display icon over image or in a separate toolbar.
ZOOM: click and hold/drag      
ZOOM: hover over image and use mousewheel   YRS 
ZOOM: pinch (mobile version) ***RS*need to test on mobile
ZOOM modeY     
ZOOM: input specific percentageY    OSD plugin "OpenSeaDragonImagingHelper" has zoom factor.
ZOOM: sliderY  (Y) OSD in the Wild example had a slider for zooming in addition to scrollbar zooming.
PAN using thumbnailY  Y RS - would be nice to see zoomed in area as thumb in upper right, but not a P1 (not to use as zoom pan controls) ... OSD can do this when the "viewport navigator" is enabled.
PAN using full image (click and drag) Y YRS 
PAN using up/down/left/right icons Y   

OSD allows user to pan with up/down/right/left arrow keys.

PAN modeY     
Keyboard navigation (zoom and pan using keyboard)   YJT 
ROTATE: left/counter clockwise 90 degreesYY YRS, JT 
ROTATE: right/clockwise 90 degreesYY YRS, JT 
ROTATE: flip      
View: select size (small, medium, large, extra-large)Y   RSThis is really for downloading a JPG, no so much to view. Would be subsumed by download size options (up to max image size)
View: reset to initial view YYYJTIN OSD, this is done by clicking the "Go home" icon. OSD can display icon over image or in a separate toolbar.
View: full screen YYYJT, RS
OSD can display icon over image or in a separate toolbar.
View: full screen by selecting size (small, medium, large, extra-large)Y     
Save/Download Y  JT, RS
*OSD plugin called "Openseadragon-screenshot" has an icon that allows user to take a screenshot at the current zoom level or the user can adjust a slider to change the zoom factor and then click a button to "Download image." It also displays the pixel dimensions of the download dynamically as the slider is moved. Also, see and try the scissors icon to see a panel that lets the user choose file format (PDF or JPEG) and what to download (whole image, highlighted section in high resolution or selection in displayed resolution). See for download modal that gives license information, image dimensions in pixels, and descriptive info.
Save/Download using right click 

goes to IDS

Save/Download by viewing full screen and right-clickYvia IDS Y Library of Congress has something similar to this using OSD: where you choose format and size and it opens in a new tab where you can save it.
Share    JTDoes this mean social media sharing? Janet was thinking: social media, email, etc. See OSD example:
Email Y  JT 
Print Y  JT 
Information about imageIDSPDSVideoOSDNew IDSComments

Pixel dimensions

    JTJT: At least at time of download/save. OSD plugin "OpenSeaDragonImagingHelper" has image dimensions and aspect ratio.
File size  (duration) JTJT: At least at time of download/save.
Resolution (ppi)      
File name      
File/document type    JTJT: At least at time of download/save.
Date created/modified      
Dimensions in inches     OSD Scalebar plugin shows scale, but example only uses kilometers and miles, so not sure if it can show inches or centimeters.
Bit depth      
Color mode (RGB, CMYK...)      
Organization and local identifiersometimes Y JTJT: Librarians need an indication of where the item is from and how to locate it. The use case that I have heard repeatedly is that a patron prints the item and then seeks assistance from a librarian. This information allows the librarian to easily track down the item.
Label/Description from METS/MODS YY JT, RS
great to have something descriptive, but as a URL option (eg. label=y) because some may not want this
Citation YY JTSame here, as an option - question: should the citation refer back to IDS or the containing application?
Other featuresIDSPDSVideoOSDNew IDSComments
Unicode support YY Y, RS
Related images related linksrelated links*JTRS - In "expanded UI"... *OSD has a feature called "Sequence Mode" that allows navigation to previous and next images. Also has an "Image Reference Strip" that displays sequences of thumbnails either horizontally or vertically similar to PDS.
Annotations   ? RS - future... OSD "overlays" may help support this? ... OSD plugin "openseadragon-annotations" allows users to draw vector annotations over zoomed images which scale with the image.

Display multiple images simultaneously

 Y Y Use embedded Mirador for this. OSD can display multiple images and also has a "Collection Mode" that will lay images out in rows or grids.
Provide code snippet to embed viewer     nice to have
IIIF icon that can be dragged to IIIF viewer to open image there    RS 
Display image histogram      
Select other available formats    JT 
Save/Export as different format     must have JPG at minimum
Save/Export as different size     not small medium large?

Collection building

Collection management      
Support for hotkeys   * *OSD has keyboard equivalents for zooming in and out and panning.
Link to API documentation    RS 



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  1. The IDS page ((Old) Image Delivery Service (IDS)) states that "IDS can secure images to the Harvard community (i.e., those with a Harvard ID number and PIN) when appropriate. "  Should the above tables include the ability to login or is that a function of the discovery systems that link to (or embed) IDS?