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Vitro is open source software developed at Cornell University. It is a general-purpose web-based ontology and instance editor with customizable public browsing. Vitro is a Java web application that runs in a Tomcat servlet container.

Vitro will be used by the Harvard LD4L project as the central storage and access point for linked data created under the project, specifically for:

  • loading the ontologies developed for the Harvard geospatial metadata and moving image metadata projects
  • hosting RDF triples for the Harvard LD4L projects
  • providing an editing environment in which geospatial and moving image linked data can be created and edited

Link to JIRA epic on Vitro deployment.


InstanceAWS machineDNS nameEC2 instance sizeramdiskNotes

Offline but can be restored.


   Vitrolib instance - Cornell instance data
Vitrolibhttp://   Vitrolib instance with no data to start


Here is a link to detailed VIVO install instructions. VIVO has much better documentation than Vitro

Developer support contacts at Cornell:

Jim Blake

Rebecca Younes


Basic environment:

Java (SE) 1.7.x or 1.8.x

VIVO does not work well with OpenJDK

Apache Tomcat 7.x or 8.x   (2GB or even 3GB)

Apache Ant 1.8 or higher, (VIVO)

Apache Maven 3.x or higher, (Vitrolib)

MySQL 5.1 or higher,




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