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Harvard LD4L Labs Objectives

  • Deploy a pilot linked data conversion infrastructure
  • Pilot a hosting environment for BIBFRAME linked data.
  • Pilot linked data conversion, publication, and visualization of Harvard Geospatial Library metadata
  • Pilot linked data conversion, publication, and visualization of Harvard’s Harvard Film Archive metadata.
  • Collaborate with Cornell and Stanford on LD4L Labs and LD4P projects.

See more detail in the Harvard Statement of Work

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes



Orange text is planned work, Green text is in progress, blue text is completed.

Quarter starting4/1/167/110/11/1/174/17/110/11/1
1/12/17 Development Roadmapn/a

hire developer

deploy Vitro locally

Vitro learning and initial enhancements (using summary annotation forms as target)

Converter architecture collaboration

Geo ontology 50% complete (wide collaboration)

MI ontology 15% complete - what is in scope defined

General ontology role expanded - pattern definitions largely complete

Leverage core converter architecture, start on first FGDC element converters (assumes Cornell core converter released by 3/1/17)

Vitro forms and lookups for high priority FGDC and MI extension elements

Geo ontology priority elements and  mapping for conversion 100% complete (remainder will be ongoing)

MI ontology priority elements and mapping for conversion 75% complete

Application profiles for MI, Geo, and core ontologies

Define MI FileMaker data extraction plan

MI data extraction

Sarven define external lookup strategy and technology

FGDC->BIBFRAME converter (parser and extension elements)

MI ontology priority elements and mapping for conversion 100% complete

Coordinate roles for reconciliation planning

Define reconciliation strategies and heuristics for batch conversion for FGDC and MI (includes integrating Sarven's lookup work)

MI->BIBFRAME converter (parser and extension elements)

Test and refine converters

Develop and test Vitro forms

Library Cloud workflow for BIBFRAME conversion

Test with Stanford FGDC data

Targeted metadata production for visualizations

Proto Spotlight collections with Visualizations

MI then Cartography


5/16 all hands @Stanford

Develop Harvard work plan

Hire developer

 all hands meeting #2 all hands meeting #3 all hands meeting #4 
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