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Scope: Overview information and links to resources and documents related to the Harvard Linked Data for Libraries Labs (LD4L) project converting Harvard Geospatial Library metadata to the LD4L/P BIBFRAME extension ontologies Linked Open Data descriptions.

Creator: Marc McGee


LD4L-Labs Harvard Geospatial Library metadata conversion


from the Harvard LD4L-Labs Statement of work

3. Pilot linked data conversion, publication, and visualization of Harvard Geospatial Library (HGL) metadata. Working with the other project partners, Harvard will develop a BIBFRAME/LD4L profile; develop metadata conversion software to convert existing geospatial metadata records from the Harvard Geospatial Library and from Stanford (see the Stanford SOW in section 6.5) describing raster maps and vector map data layers into BIBFRAME; publish the RDF to the Harvard linked data endpoint; and integrate a beta of graph visualization software into the Harvard Geospatial Library or an Omeka virtual collection to assess end user value. This project will focus on converting a subset of OpenGeoMetadata metadata records from the Harvard Geospatial Library and Stanford (where they are now represented using the geospatial community standard Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) schema, ISO 19139) into linked data descriptions using BIBFRAME/LD4L as a base ontology. Deliverables for the project would include: a BIBFRAME/LD4L profile for geospatial datasets; a set of mapping rules for FGDC geospatial metadata standards to the BIBFRAME/LD4L profile; reconciled linked data entities in the source metadata for Originators, Place and Theme keywords, and series works; a linked data triplestore with published descriptions; and a user interface for searching and visualizing geospatial dataset descriptions.

April 2017 Project Update

The first year of the Harvard LD4L-Labs geospatial metadata conversion project has focused on: identifying and building a target ontology for metadata conversion, developing a conversion strategy and plan, developing a converter tool, and beginning VitroLib customization work to support display, creation, and editing of geospatial linked data.

The Harvard geospatial metadata conversion project will use the LD4P/LD4L Labs BIBFRAME extension and Linked Data for Libaries Production (LD4P) Cartographic Materials Extension ontology recommendations as a target conversion ontology. Harvard has begun to customize the Cornell MARC to LD4P/LD4L Labs BIBFRAME extension converter tool to be able to convert Harvard Geospatial Library FGDC XML metadata records to the target ontology. Source and target conversion test files have been developed. Priority metadata elements for conversion have been identified, a mapping of the priority elements to the target ontology has been developed, and supporting target ontology files are in the process of being written. In addition, Cornell's VitroLib editor is being customized to support additional requirements for creating linked data descriptions of geospatial resources including a custom input form for capturing spatial extent/bounding box data. Upcoming work will focus on finishing the target ontology, further developing the FGDC to target ontology converter, writing an application profile for VitroLib, customizing VitroLib to support other parts of the developed ontology, reconciliation of entities in the source metadata, and converting the Harvard Geospatial Library metadata to the target ontology.

Harvard Geospatial Metadata Converter

Conversion strategy and development plan - Harvard project work plan for conversion of Harvard Geospatial LIbrary (HGL) FGDC metadata records to linked data descriptions.

Geospatial metadata core fields for FGDC conversion (working document) - list of geospatial metadata concepts with supporting information and priority level for conversion

Harvard Core Conversion Mappings for LD4L Domain Projects (working document) - includes mapping of HGL FGDC elements to the LD4L/P target ontology 

Test converter files (working documents) -  source FGDC metadata test files (xml) and expected output LD4L conversion files (ttl) used to test converter results by iteratively adding conversion elements

Ontology Development

Cartographic Materials/Geospatial Metadata target ontology (under development) - The target ontology for the geospatial metadata conversion will be based on the LD4L/P BIBFRAME Extension and the Linked Data for Libraries Production (LD4P) Cartographic Materials Extension ontology recommendations.

VitroLib Customization Work

VitroLib for cartographic materials/geospatial metadata (under development) - Harvard will be building a cartographic materials/geospatial metadata editing tool based on the Cornell VitroLib tool.  The Harvard customization work will support the additional requirements for creating linked data descriptions in the domain extensions (i.e.. custom data input forms for Spatial Extent - Bounding Box, Projection Data, & Cartographic Relief)

Contact Information

Marc McGee, Geospatial Metadata Librarian, mmcgee (at) fas (dot) harvard (dot) edu

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