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Planned enhancements

  • Advanced search option to limit by repository
  • New image viewer coming by the end of the year (panning, zooming, etc.)
  • Improved user experience through optimization of metadata schema for discovery
  • New and updated metadata for Harvard Art Museums, with links to the Art Museums discovery site
  • Component level permalinks

Known Issues

  • Search results:
    • If you have not signed in and click on a restricted image, and then sign in, you will be taken back to the search results page.
    • Page navigation lacks a generic "next page" button
    • If you perform an advanced search with more than one query line, results after page 1 will be based only on the first line of the search query.
    • For records with more than 99 images, the text for number of images is too long for the icon behind it.
    • Thumbnails for Peabody images do not display in search results. Images do display on Detail page. Expected fix coming this fall. 
  • Print record feature does not include image. Labels for local fields are incorrect. 
  • Advanced Search dropdown list display "lsr30" instead of Form / Genre. Case filed with Ex Libris: 00451311. (Feb release)
  • A small number of records have duplicates due to an early data load from Shared Shelf. These records are being identified for removal. 
  • The system does not fully function in Internet Explorer. Please use another browser. 
  • Metadata at the subwork level of a group record may not display. 
  • Metadata for works with multiple images and no surrogates may have duplicate metadata display. 
  • Some metadata on the component page displays in a different order than on the detail page. 
  • Images in group records with subworks and surrogates will display subworks and their surrogates before surrogates which are children of the group even if the subworks appear later in the record than the surrogate children. (LTSP-72). 
  • My Favorites feature
    • search history doesn't show facets selected Case filed with ExL: 00451984
    • advanced search doesn't update fields if you invoke a search from your search history. (Works fine from Basic Search). ExL 00451982
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