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Planned enhancements

  • New image viewer (panning, zooming, etc.)
  • New and updated metadata for Harvard Art Museums, with links to the Art Museums discovery site

Known Issues

  • Search results:
    • If you have not signed in and click on a restricted image, and then sign in, you will be taken back to an empty search results page.
    • For records with more than 99 images, the text for number of images is too long for the icon behind it.
    • For some searches, faceting and then navigating to page 2 yields a search error.(JIRA LTSP-196)
  • Advanced Search dropdown list display "lsr30" instead of Form / Genre. Case filed with Ex Libris: 00451311. (Feb release)
  • The system does not fully function in Internet Explorer. Please use another browser. 
  • My Favorites feature
    • search history doesn't show facets selected Case filed with ExL: 00451984
  • A Google search for HOLLIS Images shows system as top hit but there is no description
  • On Detail pages, "click here for more options" links goes to Find It at Harvard. This link should not be present. 
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