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Reporting Tips

Reporting tips are also available in Cognos Report Studio screen tip text which is viewed by hovering over the query item. To view lengthy screen tips, or copy suggested query expressions:

    1. Right mouse click on selected query item
    2. Click on Lineage
    3. Select Technical View tab 
    • Limit to HD item barcodes that are (or are not) in the Aleph items table
      • Filter expressions

[Data for HD Reports].[HD Items].[BARCODE] in ([Core HOLLIS Data].[Items].[BARCODE])

 [Data for HD Reports].[HD Items].[BARCODE] not in ([Core HOLLIS Data].[Items].[BARCODE]) to exclude HD items that are in Aleph

    • Limit to Aleph item barcodes that are (or are not) in HD 

      • Filter expressions

[Core HOLLIS Data].[Items].[IN_HD (Y/N)] = 'Y'

 [Core HOLLIS Data].[Items].[IN_HD (Y/N)] = 'N' excludes Aleph items in HD

    • Exclude deleted HD items

      • Filter expression

[Data for HD Reports].[HD Items].[DELETE_DATE] is null

NOTE: Deleted items should have a date in [Data for HD Reports].[HD Items].[DELETE_DATE] and 'Y' in [Data for HD Reports].[HD Item Retrieval Log (All)].[WITHDRAWN]. When an item is deleted and then re-accessioned at HD, DELETE_DATE reverts to null but WITHDRAWN remains 'Y'.   

    • Limit to most recent HD item retrieval record

      • Filter expression

Add either BARCODE and/or SEQUENCE from [Data for HD Reports].[HD Item Retrieval Log (Last)]

NOTE: HD Item Retrieval Log (Last) is a subset of HD Item Retrieval Log (All) comprised of only the most recent record for each barcode. Sequence number increments each time a new retrieval record is created in the log. HD items that have never been retrieved from HD do not have a record in HD Item Retrieval Log.  

    • Exclude HD items owned by institutions other than Harvard 

      • Filter expression

[Data for HD Reports].[HD Items].[OWNER] not in ('00','BL','CG','CJ','EC','LP','MVP','NS','PU','PW','PX','PZ','SH','SI','SN','SS','WY','YY')

NOTE: Owner code is included in each HD table. There are over 600 HD owner codes. The full list is available on the HD Look-up page at:

    • Limit to HD item owner codes for libraries with holdings in Aleph

      • Filter expression

[Data for HD Reports].[HD Items].[OWNER].[OWNER] in ('AH','AS','CC','CI','CL','DD','DL','EV','FL','FV','GUT','HA','HB','HC','HD','HH','HJ','HK','HL','HQ','HS','HT','HW','HY','JC','JD','JG','JP','MCZ','ML','NG','RA','RS','TZ','UI','VC','VM','WL','YL')

NOTE: HD owner code may be associated with more than one Aleph sublibrary. See the report Public Folders > HD Reporting > HD item counts by owner, sublibrary for a list of Aleph Sublibrary codes with corresponding HD owner code(s). 

Depending on the library, owner code may retrieve both Aleph and non-Aleph items (such as records management items). To limit to a specific Aleph library, use CoreHOLLIS Data.[Items].[SUB_LIBRARY]. The full list of HD owner codes is available on the HD Look-up page at:

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