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Note: this service is not an API, though is listed in the Library API documentation because batch exports can be automated.


The Generic Aleph Export program takes an input file of Aleph system numbers and generates an output file of MARC records. The service runs on a nightly basis. 


  • Library places input file of bibliographic system numbers on the LTS FTP server, using sFTP. The file of system numbers must be in the "Aleph" format, which can be exported from Cognos, e.g.:

    • 000000001HVD01 
    • 000000002HVD01
  • In Cognos, the query item is called CALC_BIB_DOC_ID_ALEPH_JOB_INPUT, located in the folder Core HOLLIS Data > Bib Calculations.
  • Holdings system numbers can also be used as input, if the holdings records are the desired output, e.g.:
    • 000000001HVD60
    • 000000002HVD60
  • The Aleph process runs daily at 3am. New input files of system numbers are ingested, and a file of records is output to the FTP server.


These are the parameters that need to be configured for each profile:

  • File naming convention
  • "Fix" procedure to run on records (e.g. remove tags etc.)
  • "Expand" procedure to run on records (e.g. include holdings data)
  • Output file format (MARC, MARCXML, Aleph sequential format)
  • Character-set for output file (UTF8 by default)
  • Include deleted records?

Requests and help

To request this service, or for more information, please send a ticket to the LTS Support Center:


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