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HGL Working Group 2016 Final Report

The report is here: Harvard Geospatial Working Group Annual Reports


HGL Usability Testing Report Year One - Google Docs.pdf

HGL FY18 Project List (in priority order)

PriorityProjectLibrary leadSpecLTS leadLTS work estimate (weeks)LTS commitmentStatus
1DRS2 integrationBonnie BurnsShould be complete in FY17Dave Siegel yes 
2Maintain HGLBonnie BurnsMaintain HGL as a production system and support the map library in data loadingDave Siegel0.3 FTEyes 
3Data publishing toolBonnie BurnsDevelopment of a tool for the full publishing workflow for new datasets.  We have the python script for publishing the legacy data in the new architecture, but we need a tool that will handle new things that will be added.  This will include the publishing of the metadata to SOLR.Dave Siegel2 months  
4UI Enhancements to OGP 2.1 UIBonnie BurnsDevelop and deploy user interface enhancements to the OGP 2.1 user interface as specified by the HGL working group usability test results as well as the list captured at the bottom of this page.Dave Siegel2 months  
5GeoBlacklight evaluationBonnie Burns
  • Install GeoBlacklight so it can be assessed as a potential new user interface for HGL
  • We want to go through the installation process, see how the pieces fit together, load our own metadata and data and learn the backend workflows, which are just as important as the UI
  • Perform technical evaluation and estimate work to bring to production and sustain - How does GeoBlacklight interoperate with ArcGIS server
  • Requested in August 2016
Dave Siegel2 months  
6HGL StatisticsBonnie BurnsInstall the OGP Dashboard analytics tool for gathering usage statisticsDave Siegel1 month  
7Metadata-only searchBonnie BurnsSupport for searching metadata records without the accompanying data.  We have datasets that we cannot put in HGL for licensing reasons, but I want our patrons to be able to discover them through HGL.  We would need to be able to add a metadata record without a dataset behind it.Dave Siegel   
8GIS content model in DRS2Bonnie Burns/Andrea GoethalsDRS2 support for GIS dataAbigail Bordeaux   
9Expand geo-search to other catalogsBonnie BurnsInvestigate what it would take to incorporate spatial search in other catalogsLaura Morse   


Usability enhancements to OGP 2.0


This summary was conveyed in an email from Bonnie Burns on 1/25/16

We found a couple of issues that most of our testers had trouble with.  The first was that they didn’t understand a lot of what was going on with the search results column.  They didn’t get that the search was based on the map, or how to display a layer on the map, or that displaying a layer makes it float to the top of the list.  We agreed upon a number of changes that we feel should be made to this part of the site, and think that this work should be a priority, but generally think that these are high-impact low (or medium) effort changes.  These changes focus on the part of the search results section that “rolls-down” when you click on a layer name.

  • Expand the roll-down section from one line to three
  • Change the icon for rolling down from a carat to +/-
  • Move the tool for viewing a layer away from the right edge of the section and into the roll-down section. Make it a button not a check box.  We are still debating the text for this button (Display/Draw/Show/View)
  • Expand the title of the layer in the roll-down section
  • Move metadata view icon into the roll-down section
  • Gray-out the drawing tools (opacity, pixel width, color) when the layer is not drawn
  • Emphasize the “float to the top behavior by calling out the displayed layers under a separate header
  • Change the add to cart function icon from a “+” to a cart.

Additionally, our testers struggled with the cart section of the site, and we recommend reorganizing that part as well.  We recommend adding an X icon to remove items rather than using the checkbox, making a “Remove All” button, and changing the text for download to “Download Selected.

The final high-priority recommendation we have is to add a prominent “SEARCH WHEN I MOVE THE MAP” check box to the map canvas itself, similar to the one on Yelp.

There were additional issues that came up in the testing and that are included in a document on the wiki, but we determined that those were lower priority.  We will discuss potential solutions at a later meeting.

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