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  • FY Rollover - Invoice In Review and Approval Report and Issue Resolution - 2022

Dates for FY22-23 rollover are set below.

Accessing Reports

Invoices with status of In Approval or In Review is available as a scheduled report, and on-demand from the Analytics menu in Alma. Subscribing to a report adds your email to the distribution list for the scheduled report. Staff may subscribe (and unsubscribe) to reports at any time. In addition, the report is included on the list of canned reports available to run on-demand on the Analytics menu in Alma. Running the canned report opens a prompt page with filters for Invoice owner, vendor code, date, and other elements.  

  • To subscribe to the report:
    1. Click on Analytics menu in Alma
    2. Click on Subscribe to Analytics
    3. Scroll down alphabetical list of titles to Invoices with status of In Approval or In Review (or perform a Title search)
    4. Click the Subscribe switch to activate your subscription
    5. The report will arrive via email as an Excel file. Starting in May it will run every week on Monday morning, and then daily starting Wednesday, June 1, 2022. 
  • To run the report on demand:
    1. Click on the Analytics menu in Alma
    2. From the list of Reports, click on ACQ - Invoices with status of In Approval or In Review
    3. Apply prompts as needed and click OK
    4. Results can be exported by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the Export link

Requesting Invoice Deletion from HL Finance

Note, any remaining In Review or In Approval invoices will be deleted on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. As a courtesy to HL Finance, we ask that you review reports weekly and request deletion leading up to Tuesday, June 21, 2022 to ensure that the rollover process is not delayed due to a large number of invoices that require manual deletion before work can proceed.

Please compile a list of the invoices that need to be deleted, including the following fields:

  • Vendor Code
  • Invoice #,
  • Invoice Total Amount 
  • Reason for deletion.   
    • Duplicate Invoice
    • Invoice Created in Error

Please send this list to with the subject line: ALMA INVOICE DELETION

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