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A current version of the LD4L Converter for FGDC XML records is currently on the server. This guide provides instructions on how to convert these input records to Turtle format RDF linked data records.


  • It is necessary to obtain a login to the AWS stanley.lib.harvard server. This can be set up through
    • The login credentials must be assigned to the group 'processor'.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From a terminal or Putty or similar application login to Stanley. Example: $ ssh <your-username>
         SecureCRT settings: username / password, port 22
  2. From your home directory navigate to the directory containing the Converter: $ cd /home/process/converter
    1. Within this directory are two other directories:
      1. input – this is where the FGDC XML records are to be placed.
      2. output – this is where the converted file are placed.
  3. Using the unix 'scp' command or some GUI client, copy the FGDC record(s) to the input directory.
    Example: $ scp <local file name> <your-username>
         Filezilla or Putty settings: username / password, port 22
  4. Run the script contained in the /home/process/converter directory.
    Example: $ ./
  5. Check the output/ directory for the converted files.
  6. Using the unix 'scp' command or some GUI client, copy the converted FGDC record(s) from the output directory back to your local computer.
  7. Log out of the Stanley server.