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URI minting

We want to mint a local URI whenever we want to assert anything else about that entity based on local knowledge. So, for example, if there is an authoritative record at http://www.linkedmdb.org/ but Harvard has a copy of a film that was used in Professor X’s class and we want to described this, then

1.       We would mint a URI for this work at Harvard , Eg Newly minted URI-X = Id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/123456/catalog

2.       Then assert triples in our local triple store something like ((in RDF of course, totally made up ontology here for illustrating…).

SameAs    URI-X   URI-in-linkedmdb

HasHolding   URI-X   HarvardFilmArchiveURI

UsedByProfessor   URI-X   ProfessorFooURI


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