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Directions: Copy and use this charter and related resources prior to a new project kickoff. Some information may be filled in at the kickoff meeting. Additional HUIT resources and templates.

Executive Overview (for large projects)

I. Problem/Value Statement

Problem Statement:

Business Value:

II. Vision and Approach

Describe the solution:

Deliverables/Work Products:   

Define how to measure “done”:

In Scope:

Out of Scope (for medium and large projects):

III. Stakeholders/People

Who is the work being done for? (Sponsor)

What organizations, departments, or people will benefit from this work (for medium and large projects)

Who is funding the work?

Who will accept the work?

Who is the project manager?

Who will be involved in doing the work (service area, department, etc …)? [Include name, project role, and estimated percentage of time per month for the project duration]

Resource NameRole(s)Monthly Time EstimateMonthly Time Estimate
MirenaSupport, QA20%50%
[add and remove rows as needed]   

IV. Schedule and Cost

Schedule: [include project phases, known reporting dates, and delivery deadlines]


Cost Breakdown (for large projects):

Cost TypeEstimated Cost
Contract Labor 
[add and remove rows as needed] 

V. Other




Risks (description, plan, impact, owner):

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