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  • Creating Local Portfolio for mono eBook when the only bib available in CZ is for another provider
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These instructions are for Yankee/GOBI one-time e-Book orders when there is a bib. record for the Electronic Title in the Community zone but the Electronic Portfolio for the the eBook being ordered is not in the Community Zone.

Unsuccessful Electronic Portfolio Search

Electronic Portfolio search in Alma gives you some portfolios in the CZ but not the one you want

In this example the ebook portfolio ordered is for Oxford UPSO title-by-title (Alma electronic collection: University Press Scholarship Online Complete). So the electronic title bib record is in the CZ, the portfolio ordered in GOBI is not.



Create Local Portfolio Linked to Community Zone Bib

Click Resources >> Create Inventory >> Add Local Portfolio.

This will open New Portfolio page.

Descriptive Information

  1. Creation type: Select the Use Existing Title radio button.
  2. Choose title:
    1. Select title from list (the "bulleted list" icon)
    2. This will open up a repository search so that you can search for the electronic title in the Community Zone. We know the CZ bib record exists from our original search.
    3. Search the Community Zone by ISBN or title
    4. Select the title (this will bring the bibliographic info into the New Portfolio screen


General Information

This is where you attach the local portfolio to an existing electronic collection.

  1. Portfolio type: Select the Part of an Electronic Collection radio button (*this is a very important part)
  2. Electronic Collection: Choose the electronic collection your eBook is a part of (based off of Translation table). You can copy it in and select, you can select from list (which opens a new search where you can search and select the collection you want, or Alma keeps your latest 5 selections in the history.
  3. Service: Is populated automatically by the collection
  4. Library: You can select the purchasing Library at this point (or leave it until activation as usual)


Coverage Information

Not relevant to eBooks usually.


Inventory and Linking Information

We want to use Parser Parameters instead of static URLs.

  1. Parser Parameters: This will need to be created; every collection has a different structure (you can consult existing portfolios in the collection to see how they are structured); if unknown this can be left blank and the parser parameters can be added at the point of activation. Creating links for several collections is documented at Ordering and activation of One-Time eBooks via GOBI on the Translation Table. Contact Lauren Syer and Todd Moody (eResources ITS 625) with questions.
  2. Availability status: Select Inactive radio button (since we are creating this at the point of ordering the resource is not active yet, we will follow the usual activation process for eBooks)
  3. Electronic material type: Choose Book
  4. Notes
    1. You can add the number of users information in the public note now or as usual during the activation process.
  5. Click Save and Done


Verify and Continue to Place Order

You now have a Local portfolio linked to an electronic collection that you can place your order on in Alma.

Place order from this portfolio as usual.