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I. Problem/Value Statement

Problem Statement: Collection Builder is a library staff tool that allows staff to define the contents of collections based on metadata within LibraryCloud, and browse collections created by others. The metadata represented by each collection is intended to be exportable to Exhibit and Digital Collection discovery tools such as Omeka and Spotlight, and search aggregators, such as DPLA. 

Business Value:

CNA 2.0 is a step towards conceptualizing a standard digital library and exhibit platform for the Harvard Library that can serve as a model for future on-line collections.

II. Vision and Approach

Describe the solution: POD Consulting has been engaged by Suzanne Wones to enhance the existing Collection Builder prototype to bring it to a state where it can be used in production

Deliverables/Work Products: POD deliverables are defined in this Statement of Work.

In Scope: Deploying completed code to QA and production, establishing and documenting LTS support policies for Collection Builder.

III. Stakeholders/People

Who is the work being done for? (Sponsor) Suzanne Wones, Harvard Library

Who is funding the work? Harvard Library

Who will accept the work? Suzanne Wones, Harvard Library

Who is the project manager? Randy Stern

Who will be involved in doing the work (service area, department, etc …)? [Include name, project role, and estimated percentage of time per month for the project duration]

Resource NameRole(s)Project Estimate (through February 2016)Ongoing supportWork
RandyPM, QA10 hours2%manage LTS project
SuzanneBusiness Owner  manage Library project
Wendy GogelLibrary product owner  requirements, testing, acceptance
PODdeveloper??develop app, transfer to LTS,  - See SOW
Dee DeeSupport Developer6 hours10%primary software support for the Spotlight platform OAI data harvester
Michael VandermillenDigital Collections Lead20 hours2%lead for planning digital collections software infrastructure, Library Cloud API,and Library Cloud OAI data provider
SharonDev/ops manager3 hours1%review architecture for security, scalability, sustainability
JasonDev/ops engineer20 hours4%Provide access to AWS for library cloud and collection builder
LTS Support (tbd)Support lead10 hours2%define and implement support policies, public support links, and internal documentation

IV. Schedule and Cost

Schedule: [include project phases, known reporting dates, and delivery deadlines]

Requirement meeting with POD10/6/16 Discuss Collection Builder / LibraryCloud enhancements
Tech planning meeting with POD12/12/16 Discuss Library Cloud/Collection Builder Design
LTS project kickoff meeting12/12/16completeShare knowledge and review this plan, decide on next steps
Plan prod deplpoyment  Plan with LTS OPS for how the app will be hosted
Turnover meeting with POD  Detailed technical turnover of software customizations and operational procedures for the site
Soft Launch  publicly available
LTS Move To Prod  Final review of rollout task status
Public Launch  

Harvard Library communications and promotion

LTS support in place

Post launch support  Transition support to LTS development team

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