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  • Circ User Story #2: Patron request from Hollis
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AEON Circulation User Story #2

Patron request from Hollis


Professor Clearwater wants to consult a scroll located in the Fine Arts Library’s special collections. She is registered for a special collections account this is the first time requesting special collections. As a Harvard affiliate she does not need to go to the privileges since her Harvard ID provides access to special collections.


Professor searches Hollis+ for “San you bai qin tu” and clicks tab location and availability. To make her request to view the item in a reading room she does the following:

  •  Clicks Request Item
  • Logins into her Special Collections Request Account for Harvard University affiliates using her HUID and pin number


The bibliographic information from Hollis+ record is imported automatically into the New Item Request form. In Notes field she enters “may want to show in class. Selects radial button Keep for My Review and Submit Request button to save her request.


Later that day she is ready to submit her request.

  • Logins into  Special Collections Request account
  • Selects Past Requests,
  • Selects Saved Requests
  • Opens request by clicking Transaction Number
  • Selects Edit Request.
  • Changes radial button to Submit and selects November 8th on calendar
  • Selects Submit Request


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