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  • Changes to Batch Builder Relating to HUID Removal from Wordshack
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Overview of changes relating to removal of HUID from Wordshack

In the new version of Batch Builder, a new field called deposit agent email address will be required for all projects. This will be in addition to the current deposit agent field (which stores HUID and which will continue to be used for initial authentication of depositor but will not be stored in the DRS). The new field deposit agent email address will need to contain one email address that belongs to the primary depositor (and that matched the email in the Wordshack record). Batch Builder will use the email to look up the person term in DRS and return a WordShack URI. Here is an example: Looking up email address will return the following WordShack URI: This URI will be used for identification of the depositor for the DRS batch and will be stored in the DRS for deposited batches. The URI will be locally stored by Batch Builder for use by all batches processed in a particular project. Changing the deposit agent email address in Batch Builder deposit settings will initiate another lookup to WordShack and return a new WordShack URI, which will replace the previously stored URI in Batch Builder for that particular project.

More information on supplying the deposit agent email address is available here:

Backwards compatibility

In order to achieve backwards compatibility with Batch Builder projects created using previous versions of Batch Builder, Batch Builder will do the following:

When opening an older project that does not have deposit agent email address, Batch Builder will default to using the first email address from the deposit Success Email field (in Batch Builder deposit settings) to populate the deposit agent email address field. A warning to that effect will appear in the message panel (or command line window, if using command line mode). Once the field is populated, it will be editable in Deposit Settings. The downside of this approach is that the first email in Success Email field in older Batch Builder projects would not always be the primary depositor email. The deposit agent email address field might need to be edited in Deposit Settings to reflect the primary depositor email. The upside is that older projects will not fail to open in the new version of Batch Builder. See below a couple of screenshots for illustration:

Batch Builder will populate Deposit Agent Email with the first email address from Success Email field:

Contact the DRS team ( if you have questions or concerns.





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