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REMEMBER: Only designated staff members are permitted to run jobs. Refer to the matrix at Jobs & Batch Processes to see which staff members are approved to run which jobs.

Parameters and Planning

Let’s go over the parameters and notes for the Change PO Lines Status job:

 [Go to EL Knowledge Center page:]

As you can see, this is a straightforward job that only lets you bulk change the status of a group of PO Lines. You must choose the same new status for all the PO lines in the set.

Your options are:

  • Cancel PO Lines
    • You can select to Use Force Cancel, which will attempt to cancel PO lines with outstanding issues and for which a warning message would be displayed in Alma.
    • You can choose the Cancellation reason (Library or Vendor cancelled) and add a cancellation note to all PO Lines.
    • You can choose how to deal with "childless bibs" - bibs for which the ordered item would be the only item on the bib. The best practice is to Delete bibliographic records for childless bibs. Please review the Harvard Library Collection Management - Policy on Suppression and Deletion.
  • Close PO Lines
    • You can select to Use Force Close, which will attempt to close PO lines with outstanding issues and for which a warning message would be displayed in Alma.
    • When closing electronic orders, you can select to remove tasks from the e-activation task list.
  • Delete PO Lines - there are no sub-options for this action

 For more information, see Reviewing PO Lines and Closing, Reopening, and Relinking PO Lines.

Limits to Updates by Job

Only PO lines with one of the following statuses can be closed: Waiting for Invoice, Waiting for Renewal, or Waiting for Manual Renewal.


Creating the Set

Create the set for the Change PO Lines Status job using the following criteria:

  • Use the Order Lines search type to act on PO Line records
  • Use any criteria to search, depending on what you need to do
  • Create an itemized set, so you can review the records after you run the change. If you use a logical set and one of your search query criteria is the status, those records won't be findable by that search after you run the job.

If you use a file to create your set: For the Change PO Lines Status job, you can only use the PO line reference (the POL number) as a unique identifier. If you need to assemble a list of POL numbers, you can ask for or run an Analytics report based on other criteria that includes the PO line reference/POL number in the report, then move that column to the first position and upload it to create the set.

Running the Job

Once you've selected the job and the set, all you need to do is choose the new status from the drop-down menu, and then any sub-options available for that status. Again, your choices are limited to close, cancel, or delete PO lines, and the sub-options listed above.


Reviewing Job Results

Reviewing records changed by the job: In addition to the general ways to review the effect of your job, for Change PO Lines Status you can review the history for each order line (in a small set). To review an individual order line, click on Edit Order and review all the fields. In addition, you can view the History tab to see any changes made during the job update – they’ll be identified as having been made by the System.

In the Job Report: The Counters section for the Change PO Lines Status job will include how many records were changed or skipped by the job, and the PO line reference for any records that failed to update

Update PO Lines Information Job Cannot Be Restored

Notice that our Change PO Lines Status job is not on the list of jobs that can be Restored. You cannot hit “undo” for this job, which is why it’s so important to fully understand the changes you’re making before you make them.

Additional note for this job: You cannot just run the Change PO Lines Status job again to "undo" a previous change: the only options are to close, cancel, or delete a PO line, not to reopen a POL.

However, you can use the Update PO Lines Workflow job to reopen a POL, or to move a re-opened POL on to the next status in its order workflow. Note that if you cancelled a POL and deleted the bib record, you may need to re-import it to reopen the order.

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