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  • CJK in HOLLIS Classic - Frequently Asked Questions
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What is an input method editor (IME)? An IME is a program that allows computer users to enter complex characters and symbols, such as Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters, using a standard western (non-Asian) keyboard.

What are the basic software requirements to view and input CJK characters? You will need a web browser (Internet Explorer 5.x or higher; Netscape 6.2 or higher) configured to support Unicode-based characters. Windows users will need Windows 95 or higher (Windows 2000 is recommended) with appropriate Global IMEs (input method editors) installed. Macintosh users will need OS9.x with the appropriate language packs installed or OS X. See the document CJK software setup for detailed instructions.

Can I view/input CJK characters from computers in the library? Ask a reference librarian about the availability of CJK-capable computer workstations in your Harvard library. While some library workstations run on Windows 2000, many more run on Windows NT. The Global IME running on Windows NT has certain limitations, particularly for Chinese input. Users accustomed to Global IME on Windows 2000 or XP may see differences in how searches are input when in NT.

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