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In Alma, the process of Receiving physical material is organized within Receiving departments.

Receiving departments are Alma "departments" that correspond to the PO Line owner (Acquisitions ordering library) OR the holding library's Tech Services Department

A user must be "at" a certain Receiving department to be able to see and edit the orders associated with that department, and to be able to assign and change a Work Order status value.

  • In other words, if you are "at" Schlesinger, you will only see and be able to edit Schlesinger orders in the Receiving list. 
  • If an order is placed by a shared service unit such as ITS at 625, a user must be "at" either the ITS 625 Acquisitions - ITS Tech Services or at the holding library's Acquisitions Department.
    • For instance, to be able to receive or check-in orders placed for FAL by ITS 625 Acquisitions, a staff user must be "at" ITS 625 Acquisitions - ITS Tech Services or at Fine Arts Library - FAL Tech Services.

Set Your Location

  1. Click on the location icon on the menu bar
  2. Choose your Receiving department location
  3. Click Always show current location to see your location on the task bar

Receiving Departments and Work Orders

Receiving Departments also control the Work Orders associated with In process items/titles before they are sent to the libraries/depositories for shelving.

The Keep in department option at the point of receipt provides various Work Order statuses that indicate the next step in the workflow process.  

For more information, please refer to the documentation: 


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