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The Alma Overviews Online Course is designed to provide an introduction or refresher to the Alma unified resource management system and how it has been implemented at Harvard Library. Each module below covers a different area, and is made up of video segments accompanied by the script and links to additional information.

For staff familiar with Alma, watch these videos as needed to refresh or refine your knowledge of the system.

For staff new to Alma, we recommend this sequence:

  1. Watch the Alma Overview and Searching modules.
  2. Ask your manager any questions you have about the system. Discuss which other modules are relevant to your work.
  3. Watch a module, then discuss with your manager.
    1. Modules were recorded in the order they are presented, and do build on information from segment to segment, but segments can also be watched individually as needed.
  4. After watching each functional are module (Fulfillment, Acquisitions, Resource Management), work through the hands-on training segment with your manager's supervision.
  5. Continue through all relevant modules.



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