Cloud Apps are add-ons to Alma that customers write and share with other institutions. At Harvard we implement only certain Cloud Apps in production. If you see an app on the Alma sandbox that you would like to use in production, please contact the LTS Alma Support Center

Overview / demo video from Ex Libris: Cloud Apps in Alma (4:22 minutes).

All existing apps for all Ex Libris products are listed on the Ex Libris Developer Network Cloud Apps page.

Once you open an app, you can use the pin icon to keep it open. If you do not pin it, it will hover over part of the page. If you do pin it, it will stay open and the rest of the layout will adjust. 

Apps in Alma Production

HathiTrust Availability

  • When you are on a search results list of bib records in Alma, or viewing a bib, the app will query the HathiTrust API to look for that record.  
  • Match is done based on OCLC, ISBN, and ISSN numbers as cataloged in the record. 
  • The app will return whether the resource is available from HathiTrust in Full-Text or Limited View (shown as "Limited" in app). 
  • This app DOES NOT tell you whether we have HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access service. We recommend you use an ALL TITLES search in Alma which will allow you to see both print and electronic holdings in the search results. 
  • You do not need to do anything to invoke the search for HathiTrust availability. If you have the app open on the right, and you are on a search result page, it will automatically conduct a search. 
  • Any staff member may use this app. 

Bulk Scan-In

  • This app can "Scan In" a list of barcodes
  • Please contact LTS Support to become a Registered User of this app.
  • In the Department field, you must use your DEPARTMENT CODE, not your Department Name. The correct location here is CRITICAL to how this app functions. Please see Receiving Department, Circulation Desk, and Other Codes for Bulk Scan-in App
  • For Tech Services units,  this app can be used to mark a Tech Services work order as Done. The app can also change the status of a work order.  You must use the correct status codes
    • REMINDER: once you mark an item as Done, it will go into Transit to its destination. If you are doing clean-up work and the items are already at their destination. contact LTS for assistance. 
  • For Fulfillment units, this app has the same effect of the Scan In menu items. For example, you can use it to return batches of items on loan.  
  • The app is a little slow, but you can do other work while it’s running. If you do, however, you lose out on any error messages. There is no status bar to indicate anything is happening. 
  • We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to test this app in the sandbox environment to ensure it works as you expect with your given workflows. 
  • The app accepts a plain text file containing only barcodes (no header field)

Registered Users for Bulk Scan-In

  • Jason Clarke
  • John Dickson
  • Amy Dittman
  • Tom Ma
  • Paris O'Donnell
  • Julie Petzold
  • Laura Sherriff

Delete Sets

  • Use this app when you are on the Manage Sets page.
  • The app will present a list of sets matching those display on your active Manage Sets page.
  • This app works best if you display only 10 or 20 results per page. The app may take several seconds to load, as it reads the API. 
  • Once your selected sets have been deleted, the Mange Sets list will be updated, with the deleted sets removed. 
  • Any staff member may use this app. 

Print Bib Record

  • Use this app to convert MARCXML records to HTML.
  • The app allows fast printing of records from a list of records.
  • The app has 3 built-in XSLs which can be selected in Settings
    • Click 3 horizontal dots then click the gear icon
  • Any staff member may use this app. 

Multiple item edit

This app lets you edit physical items that appear on your Alma screen The editable fields are: barcode , description , enumeration ,chronology

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