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Welcome to the Alma documentation and training information section of the LTS Staff Documentation wiki. This page was last updated on May 15, 2019 with a training update.

General Alma Information

Alma URLs

Alma Logins

For information about requesting and updating Alma logins (both production and sandbox), visit the Request an Alma Login or Login Update page. Managers should ask staff to watch the Alma Overviews online course to learn Alma basics while requesting a login be created.

LTS Support Form

As you use Alma, if you have any questions about it - no matter how big or small - please submit them via the LTS Alma Support Form at http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hul.ois:almasupport. By asking your questions, you're helping the LTS Support Staff learn how to help you use Alma, and they can forward questions on to the Alma technical teams as needed.

Information Sources for Alma

There are multiple Alma Communication and Update Sources, including:

Documents on this wiki

Pages may still change significantly as we gain experience in Alma, and updates will be made as new features and processes are introduced. Do not print out materials - pages will continue to change.

Alma Training - May 2019 Update

  • The long-term training (Phase 3) is currently under development, to be completed by June 30, 2019:
    • The content for training will consist of documentation pages on the Alma wiki, the Alma Overviews Online Course, and other screencast videos as needed.
    • The structure will consist of courses in the Harvard Training Portal comprised of a sequence of tasks (read a wiki page, watch a video, discuss local practice in your unit); each course will be on a single topic, and will be grouped with related courses into functional area curricula.
    • Alma updates and new features will be incorporated into training as directed by the new functional working groups.
  • Visit the Learning Alma - For Staff and Managers page for guidance on how to onboard new staff to Alma, or how existing staff can get refreshers or extend their skills.
  • Current staff are encouraged to review the Alma Overviews online course and other training materials to refresh or refine their training.
  • Managers are encouraged to work through training materials directly with staff as needed, using the training scripts and exercises available online.
  • Form a Learning Circle! Many departments and local units are meeting in small Learning Circles to talk about Alma and its impact on their work. We encourage all staff to do this, and benefit from each other’s learning. Please see the Learning Circles page on the LTS wiki for more about running a successful peer discussion group: https://wiki.harvard.edu/confluence/x/_ZpTDQ


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