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Order status migration: Aleph to Alma

Please note that the list below is a mapping for the Entry point (the status as loaded into Alma), once it is loaded a workflow job is run which takes parameters (e.g dates, status of its invoice) into consideration and "moves" the order to its proper place in the workflow (e.g IN REVIEW, WAITING FOR INVOICE)

Aleph Code  Aleph Description  Alma Entry Point and Final value
NEW  New  NEW then ends up being In Review
CNB  Cancelled - no budget  CANCELLED
DNB  Delayed, no budget  New* then ends up being In Review 
RSV  Ready to send to vendor  NEW then ends up being In Review 
SV  Sent to vendor 

 SENT (one-time orders)

 WAITING FOR RENEWAL (continuous orders)

VC  Vendor cancelled  CANCELLED
LC  Library cancelled  CANCELLED
CLS  Order closed  CLOSED
TX  Transferred  CLOSED

Any non-recognized code is migrated over as CLOSED

For new orders: Order status info: Searching for PO Lines: list of PO Line statuses

Acquisitions method mapping: Aleph to Alma

P            PURCHASE
G            GIFT
A            APPROVAL
C            PURCHASE
DA          Technical
D            DEPOSITORY
DP         Depository
PC          Technical
PP          PURCHASE 
E             EXCHANGE
ER          EXCHANGE
ES          EXCHANGE

Aleph order units to Alma Ordering libraries (PO Line Owner) map

Order type and Material type mapping: Aleph to Alma (excluding e-resources undergoing the P2E process)

  • A combination of the Aleph order type and order material type define the Alma Purchase type


Aleph Order Type, Order Material TypeAlma Purchase TypeContinuityAlma POL material type
M,BKPrint Book - One TimeOne timeBook
M,all othersPhysical - One TimeOne timeno value
O,allPhysical - Standing Order Non MonographContinuousno value
S,SMPhysical - Standing Order Non MonographContinuous no value
S,SEPrint Journal - SubscriptionContinuous Issue
S,SNPrint Journal - SubscriptionContinuous Issue
S,SPPrint Journal - SubscriptionContinuous Issue
S,BKPrint Journal - SubscriptionContinuous Issue
S,BLPrint Journal - SubscriptionContinuous Issue
S,BWPrint Journal - SubscriptionContinuous Issue
S, all othersPhysical - SubscriptionContinuous no value


Item process status: Aleph to Alma

  • Since there is no Item process status field on item records in Alma, there is no one to one ratio of the migrated data. In Alma, this information is expressed by a combination of the Process type and Item Status.
Aleph IPS
Aleph order status
Alma Item Process type
Alma Item status
Primo display
Primo Functionality
OI: Order initiatedNEWAcquisitionItem not in placeOn orderCan request
OI: Order initiatedall othersTechnical (Migration)Item not in placeTechnical; Not availableCan not request
OR: On orderNEW, SV, RSV, DNBAcquisitionItem not in placeOn orderCan request
OR: On orderall othersTechnical (Migration)Item not in placeTechnical; Not availableCan not request
RE: Ordered-ReceivedNEWAcquisitionItem not in placeOn orderCan request
RE: Ordered-Receivedall othersTechnical (Migration)Item not in placeTechnical; Not availableCan not request
NA: Not arrivedall

Some Technical; others Acquisition

  • ASWG unable to determine why


Item not in placeTechnical or On order 
CL: ClaimedAllTechnical (Migration)Item not in placeTechnical; Not availableCan not request
CA: Cancelled + Item status NOT 88SVAcquisitionItem not in placeOn orderCan request


See also Order Mapping Guide.



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