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DRS2 Web Admin supports editing of descriptive, administrative, rights, relationship and file structure metadata associated with objects and files. This section provides general guidelines about metadata editing in Web Admin and "how to" instructions for editing selected metadata fields that are particularly complex.

For definitions of all file and object metadata fields, please consult the DRS2 Metadata Reference [PDF].

See the topics below for more information.

Metadata Editing Guidelines

Web Admin users need the metadata_editor role to edit object or file metadata. If Web Admin metadata forms are grayed out, you are not authorized for editing. This release supports metadata editing of individual objects and files. 

Editing tips:

  • Record locking is not supported. If two users edit the same metadata field concurrently, the last saved change wins!
  • Save changes button. On metadata editing screens, the "save changes" button is yellow before a change is made and green after a change is made. If you make a change but button is still yellow, click somewhere on the form and the button should turn green.
  • System message area. Web Admin will display confirmation and error messages in a yellow bubble above the metadata form. This message bubble will persist, even if you navigate to another metadata screen, until you click the bubble's close button.
  • Using "x" to remove a value. In multi-value fields such as Admin. categories, you can remove individual values by clicking the red "x" next to that value. This will cross out the value, but you must click save changes to commit the change. To undo the delete (before the change is saved), click the red "x" again.

  • Using "x delete" in rights, review and relationship blocks To delete an existing rights or relationship metadata block, click the red "x delete" button next to the block. This will mark the block for deletion but you must click save changes to commit the change. To undo deletion of a rights/review block (before change is saved), click the red UNDO button. To undo deletion of a relationship block (before change is saved), click the red "x delete" button again.

    Sample "x delete" for relationships block:

    Sample "x delete" for review block:
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