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Mention of AEON is also made elsewhere in this document (see V.3V.4, VII.1. VIII)

When a cataloger sends an item to get a CMI box or to be repaired, an AEON record needs to be made. CT status should be removed from the item record.

  • Open the Aeon staff view using your own staff login and password (let the Associate Librarian for Technical Services know if you don't have one)
  • In the Username type: houts
  • Click on New request for user
  • Go to Hollis search tab, click on Search at top
  • Once you see the Hollis Classic screen, retrieve the record you want
  • Click Import at top; go to Availability; click Import for the desired call number/item
  • Go back to Aeon display - title, author, call number, Hollis number, and barcode should all be there and highlighted in yellow
  • Add your name in the "Request for" box unless your name appears elsewhere in the record
  • Go to the disk at top left and click to save record; the highlighting should disappear
  • If the item is THE, return to top menu and click Route, then "Change site" then "THE" - this must be changed for all HTC items handled through Aeon rather than requested through HOLLIS
  • For items receiving a CMI box, route to "In Technical Services – End Processing" (At this writing, 10/29/2014, use of the In Conservation - Boxing queue is being phased out. Do not use this queue until further notice from end-processing staff)
  • For items in need of conservation treatment, either consult with Conservation staff or route to "In Conservation - Review".
  • Click on Print request (NOT Print call slip); make sure in the window that pops up your own printer is highlighted; print the call slip
  • Fold and put entire slip into the item. 
  • The item, which should be in an envelope with the destination (e.g. "CMI box") written at top along with the call number and cataloger's initials and date, can then be put in the designated area on the mezzanine.

NB, if you reclass an item which is registered in Aeon, (for example, from *2001MT-1 to MS Thr 9999), edit the call number in the existing Aeon transaction to reflect both the old and new number: “2001MT-1 now MS Thr 9999."  Also edit your call slip to reflect the new number.  When the item is reshelved it will be shelved in the new location and the old slip will be removed from the old location.

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  1. Is Conservation - Review still current practice?