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Catalogers should, in most cases, expect newly-cataloged material to receive a barcode. Issues to keep in mind when working with items with physical barcodes:

  • All material cataloged should now get an item record created for each volume
  • There are a number of types of barcodes; the only type currently in use are 14-digit numerical codes. Catalogers will also see six-digit alphanumerical HD barcodes on older material; these were previously used for material going to HD, and begin with "HH" (for Houghton) or "HT (for Theatre).
  • Never throw anything away that has a barcode on it (such as a wrapper or box); if it is orphaned, bring it to the Head of the Rare Book Team or the Technical Services Librarian.
  • When cataloging books in cases, catalogers need to indicate whether the box can be barcoded (if it can't be, it should be going for an additional protective case, either a cloth one or CMI).
  • Should one have to delete a barcode from Aleph, give the Technical Services Librarian the number, so that he can let HD know that they can delete it from their system as well.