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It is the responsibility of catalogers to:

  • Accurately, legibly, and completely fill out a routing slip for every item. This includes:
    • full call number (use carets for all blank spaces)
    • accession number or, if none, the date of acquisition
    • name of fund or donor
    • if called for, boxing/enclosure information
    • for broadsides, a full entry for labeling
    • any specific instructions, particularly relating to labeling and/or plating, for instance if these items are to be tipped in or affixed in a particular location
    • with boxes, instructions of whether they can be barcoded or not
  • Write the accession number (if not already there) and call number on the verso of all broadsides.
  • Put items that are going onto the shelf in prefabs into their prefabs (Reminder: If by putting an item under 28 cm into a prefab, CMI, or cloth case, the over-all height is increased to over 28 cm, remember to classify the volume as a folio).
  • Protect any delicate material going for conservation, casing, or binding either by putting it into an envelope or tying it up.
  • End process miniature books if they are too small for regular end processing; this usually involves just writing the call number on the inside of the back cover.
  • Indicate the need for mylar sheathes and CMI boxes when routing rare books with dust jackets (dust jackets may remain on reference material, but can be removed if they hinder use; there will also be occasions when a dust jacket on a reference book has archival value, in which can it should remain on the book).
  • Place items on appropriate incoming shelf; if numbers exceed space, do NOT leave books elsewhere, but speak with the head of the Accessioning & End-Processing Section or the person in charge of end-processing.
  • If reclassifying, retrieve or page book and write "Reclassed/pull card" on call slip; send to end-processing with routing slip AND call slip in book.
  • If cataloging a second copy and there is a need to designate the copy already on the shelf (A), retrieve or page book and write "Reclassed/pull card" on call slip; either neatly in indelible pen write (A) onto the tab and label or send to end-processing with routing slip AND call slip in book.