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Non-book material:

1. Add the appropriate Harvard-mandatory form/genre term, coding as follows:

655 0 |a Audiotapes.
655 0 |a CD-ROMs.
655 0 |a DVD-ROMs.
655 0 |a DVD-Video discs.
655 0 |a Videodiscs.
655 7 |a Videotapes. |2 local

More than one term from the above list may be required. (For the most up-to-date information, see the Bibliographic Standards Committee's list at Other genre terms found in standard thesauri may also be added when needed.

Additionally, add 33X fields for the RDA carrier, media, and content types appropriate to the resource. Links to term and code lists for these fields are as follows:

2. For the Poetry Room, modify the 852 subfield c as necessary, but still class in LC unless directed otherwise by the curator. Add 852 |z In library use. Code item status as In-library use (02).


|b POE |c VID [videotapes]
|b POE |c CASS [cassette tapes]
|b POE |c DVD [DVD]
|b POE |c DISC [sound disc]

For Houghton non-book media the 852 is |c GEN

3. For non-book media which cannot be used due to the lack of equipment , e.g., a floppy disc that cannot be used on current computers, add 852 |z Inacessible; reformatting needed. Notify the Accessioning Archivist about the item, for purposes of tracking obsolete media for potential digital archiving.

4. Write the call no. with a fine-tip magic marker on hard surfaces such as fronts of discs and write in pencil on paper labels and on any accompanying paper material, such as program notes.

5. Print out the records, insert in or tie to items.

Note: There is a designation "POETRY AUDIO MT" [master tape], apparently for recorded Poetry Room readings, etc. These records (if we become responsible for creating them) may need special treatment.