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Unlike Houghton, the Woodberry Poetry Room contains both circulating and non-circulating material. The non-circulating material is referred to as Blue Star" or "Poetry*.

Poetry Blue Star

Poetry Blue Star (rare) items are not accessioned, but may have a Houghton accession number if a transfer. POETRY* items are catalogued to rare book standards, with full 562 notes, provenance added entries, etc. by the Technical Services Librarian. Original – cataloging is then forwarded to a member of the Rare Book Team for checking, as well as possible enhancement or revision.

As with all Woodberry Poetry Room materials, POETRY* volumes are classified in LC. There are no size designations, such as F or PF. The LC call number is written on the verso of the title page (one inch down from top and from fore-edge whenever possible).


Holdings records for POETRY* items are coded to indicate physical location in Houghton within the POETRY* collection (852 |b HOU |c BLUE); this displays in the public catalog as:

Location : Houghton (Part of the Woodberry Poetry Collection) 

Item records for POETRY* indicate the above sublibrary and collection (by being linked), and have an item status of 02 (In-library use); this displays in the public catalog as: In-library use.

The routing slip has POETRY* on the top line followed by the LC call number on the second line, and the check boxes for Ownership Label, Tab and Plate are checked. POETRY* items receive rare book end-processing, including retention and polysleeving of dust jackets. After end-processing, items are counted and dispatched to the sub-basement for shelving.

Poetry* holdings record

Circulating Poetry

The Accessioning Unit catalogs circulating poetry. The call number is written in pencil on the verso of the title page as above, but without the asterisk. The Technical Services Librarian provides LC call numbers for any records lacking them. (In future the new bibliographic assistant may be the person responsible for copy cataloging of circulating poetry). Circulating poetry needing original cataloging is provided by the Technical Services Librarian and is revised by a member of the Rare Book Team.

Poetry reference: "Poetry Ref." is written above the call number on the verso of the title page. The item circulation status is 02 for "In library use." Reference books do not have the 852 |z note.

End-processing: All Poetry Room material goes into the general end-processing stream on the Mezzanine. After end-processing, all material is delivered to Lamont. See the end-processing manual for details.

Non-Book Material

1. Catalog following the procedures for circulating poetry. Add the appropriate Harvard-mandatory form/genre term, coding as follows:

655 0 |a Audiotapes.
655 0 |a CD-ROMs.
655 0 |a DVD-ROMs.
655 0 |a DVD-Video discs.
655 0 |a Videodiscs.
655 7 |a Videotapes. |2 local

More than one term from the above list may be required. (For the most up-to-date information, see the Bibliographic Standards Committee's list at Other genre terms found in standard thesauri may also be added when needed.

2. In the holdings record modify the 852 subfield c as necessary, but still class in LC unless directed otherwise by the curator. Add 852 |z In library use.


|b POE |c VID [videotapes]
|b POE |c CASS [cassette tapes]
|b POE |c DVD [DVD]
|b POE |c DISC [sound disc]

3. Item process status is also "ordered-received", but item status records are coded 02 (In-library use).

4. Write the call no. with a fine-tip magic marker on hard surfaces such as fronts of discs and write in pencil on paper labels and on any accompanying paper material, such as program notes.

5. Print out the records, insert in or tie to items, and place in the "To Lamont" box.

Note: There is a designation "POETRY AUDIO MT" [master tape], apparently for recorded Poetry Room readings, etc. These records (if we become responsible for creating them) may need special treatment.

Reference Books

These are cataloged and dispatched following the procedures for circulating poetry. Instead of GEN in the 852 |c, use REF; item process status is also "ordered-received", but item status is coded 02 (In-library use). (Do not add 852 |z In library use note).

Write "Poetry Ref." above each call no. in the book.


The Technical Services Librarian catalogs and classifies Poetry* material, writes in the call number on the verso of the title page (one inch down from top and from fore-edge whenever possible), and fills out a Poetry* routing slip. This material may be new gifts or purchases or may be older previously cataloged material. The latter may have old, local Poetry Rm. call numbers (e.g. P 869*, or even LC numbers) on labels and/or penciled in. (These are not in HOLLIS, so treat as if they are new acquisitions). Poetry* is catalogued to rare book standards, full 562 notes, provenance added entries, etc. It is classified in LC, but old call numbers penciled in the books should not necessarily be trusted. A line is penciled through old unused call numbers; there is no need to trace them in a subfield x:

852 0 |b HOU |c BLUE |h PS3521.U638 |i L63 2001

Broadsides are filed in a flat file and have the location noted in the 852 |m Flat file.

The curator writes a note on the blue flag if she wants a case made. Fragile poetry often fits into prefabs. Tabs for books have call numbers on two lines, left side justified:

PS3521.U638 L63 2001

All item records for Poetry have the status code "ordered-received" deleted (made blank) and have circulation status 02 (In library use). Processing consists of placing a George Edward Woodberry Poetry Room label in each volume (following Houghton practice) and in creating tabs for books and call number labels for prefabs. (The curator prefers call number labels over tabs for prefabs).

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