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1. Currently received/active serials (paid subscriptions) use the 853-5/863-5 paired fields and predictive check-in. Active serial subscriptions are handled by Widener serials for payment, check-in, and claiming-- not by Houghton staff. Houghton staff perform the binding and final barcoding of the volumes.

2. Non-active serials can employ either the 853-5/863-5 paired fields or the 866 Summary holding statement. See the MARC Holdings documentation for more information.

3. Each volume should have its own item record. The item record should include the volume information in both the "Description:" field and in the appropriate "Enumeration levels". See the ALEPH Item Processing Guide for more information.

Example 1: New serial item, Tab 2

Example 2: New serial item, Tab 5 (Enumeration levels)

4. Irregular, gift serial titles (such as book dealer catalogs deemed worthy of bibliographic cataloging) use #2 for guidelines.