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Cataloging Processing Status "CT":

As of January 1, 2009:

1) Accessioners will add the "CT" item processing status to the item record when they accession/invoice items.

2) Catalogers, when they retrieve a book to be worked on from the stacks, will create the item record and add the "CT" item processing status.

3) End-Processing staff, when barcoding the item in ALEPH, will remove the "CT" item processing status.

Conservation Processing and Other Internal Routing:

As of September 2010, the Item Status will not be used for internal routing purposes. If an item needs to be routed internally (most often for conservation treatment), an AEON record will need to be made (if there isn't one already) and its status as it "circulates" through Houghton will be monitored through changing the AEON routing.

Towards this end, when a cataloger moves an item into the CMI or Quick Repair queue, the "CT" should be removed from the item record.