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Houghton policy on the use of item records in Aleph has changed repeatedly. Item records have, of course, been used for items sent to HD. They have also seen temporary use as a tracking aid as items move through Technical Services, as a statistical tool, etc. As of November 2005, it was decided that item records will be used henceforth for volume counts. Catalogers will create item records for each physical piece that passes through their hands, whether in the process of accessioning, original cataloging, upgraded cataloging, or catalog maintenance. Item records need not be added if the physical piece is not in hand and the number of pieces is not certain.

The default Item Status has also changed over the years. As of June 2010, the Item Status should always be "02". (Previously the Item Status for things going to HD was "92".)

Each physical piece should be given a separate item record, even if housed with other pieces in a single case. In the case of items bound/boxed together, the first bibliographic work receives the item record, and the remaining works each receive an H77 field in the holdings record. See section V.10. above.

VII.1. Cataloging Processing Status
VII.2. Deleting/Moving Item Records
VII.3. Barcodes
VII.4. Multiple Copies of the Same Item
VII.5. Multi-Volume Sets
VII.6. Serials
VII.7. Volume Literals

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  1. I added the numbering for the subsections (VII.1, .2, etc.). The original manual does not have this numbering.