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[N.B. All of the Aleph H fields have been converted to 9XX fields in Alma.  See Aleph to Alma mapping of the Harvard defined MARC fields.]


The H08 field is a mandatory field which indicates the cataloging status of the item represented by that holdings record. See the Aleph document, "Use of H08 and H06 Fields".

When the HOLLIS database was initially converted to Aleph, the H08 field consisted only of subfield a. Possible values in the subfield a are:

c (cataloged)
p (preliminary, i.e. not cataloged)
x (suppressed; used only in converted records)

The H08 field now includes a mandatory subfield b (cataloging date) which is used to: 1) identify bibliographic records that were fully cataloged in the prior month and therefore ready for authority processing; 2) support cataloging statistics (using the reporting system); 3) and identify titles for new books lists. All new holdings records must have an H08 field with subfields a and b in order to be saved to the server.

Existing holdings records: a subfield b must be added to an existing holdings record before it can be updated and saved. Also, any subfield a coded "x" must be changed to "p" or "c", and a STA field with "SUPPRESSED" added, before it can be updated and saved.

Due to the sometimes lengthy review process at Houghton, all original cataloging records should receive a "p" in the H08 field until the book is sent to end-processing, at which point it should be changed by the cataloger to "c".

Adding subfield b:

New holdings record: Add the current date either:

  1. by entering it in the form |b yyyymmdd (e.g. |b 20050815)
  2. or add it in the form |b t

Existing holdings record: Leave the subfield b date unchanged if present, otherwise add a default date:

  1. in the form |b 20020630
  2. or |b o

If the bibliographic record has been edited so that it should again undergo authority processing, add an H06 field with subfield a "N2" and subfield b with the current date:

H06 |a N2 |b t [or |b yyyymmdd]