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[N.B. All of the Aleph H fields have been converted to 9XX fields in Alma.  See Harvard defined MARC fields for Aleph to Alma mapping.]


Each physical volume at Houghton receives an item record when it is accessioned. Since each physical unit should receive only one item record, it is essential that the H77 field be added to holdings records as appropriate, i.e. whenever two or more items are bound/boxed together. The item record is attached to one holdings record (e.g. that for the first work in the volume), and an H77 field is added to the holdings record for each additional work in the volume/box. This additionally holds true for volumes of pamphlets issued together as a collection by a bookseller/publisher if the choice to catalog each pamphlet separately (see IV.15. 501 ). It is very important to include any leading 0's when linking to the other bibliographic record.

For instructions on use of the H77 field, see H77-in-holdings.pdf

For example, here is an H77 field from some sheet music bound together:

H77 0^ |a Hollaender, Victor, 1866-1940. |s Teufel lacht dazu. Kasino-Lied. Vocal score. |f 10571846

NOTE: In anticipation of Aeon (ca. 2010), a global conversion was run on all Houghton and Theatre records in Aleph that attached an item record to each holding record. In the case of bound-withs, every individual title with a holdings record received an item record. Catalogers should fix these as they find them, deleting the item records and adding H77s to the appropriate holdings records. Conversely, multi-volume sets with just one holdings record only got one item record; these also should be fixed, attaching and annotating item records for each physical volume.

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