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Accessioning of New Monographic Transfers

New monographic transfers are items purchased by another library on their funds which are offered to Houghton. These materials are new, and have not been accessioned by another library; payment has been made by the originating library prior to transfer to Houghton.
These directions are based on the receipt of new monographic transfers from Widener Library. While Widener is the largest supplier of transfers to Houghton, these may come from other libraries. Adapt these instructions as necessary. For material which is not newly-acquired, follow procedures outlined in the section Transfers - Classified Transfers.

  • If there is an extant holdings record, change the sub-library in the Widener holdings record to the appropriate Houghton code (HOU, THE, POE). Make any necessary changes to the holdings record to conform to Houghton practice, including:
    • 008 byte 7 should conform to the acquisition method for the transferring body (if it is a new purchase, byte 7 should be p);
    • 541 ‡c should be Transfer;
    • 541 ‡a, b, h should reflect the original acquisition;
    • 541 ‡d, e should reflect correct Houghton information for accession date and accession number;
    • H08 status p (provisional).
    • H09 ‡k should reflect the transfer status and accessioner (eg T09^^^ld)
  • Make any necessary changes to the item record (if present); if no item record is present, create one and link the order record in Tab 3.
  • Make sure the order status in the order record has been changed to TX (Transferred); do not change other fields in the order record.
  • Print a routing slip for the item, following the procedures for any new monographic acquisition, and:
    • note the need for a generic HCL bookplate; and
    • place the name of the originating (Widener) bibliographer on the slip.
  • Place fragile or flimsy items in prefabs (reflect this in a 562 note).
  • Dispatch item to the rare books cataloging shelf
  • If there are other factors, such as items bound together, follow established guidelines for that part of the treatment (eg appropriate 562 note(s) and H77 fields).

Example of a holdings record for material transferred to Houghton by Widener:



Update : 03/05/2010
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