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These directions are based on the receipt of transfers from Widener Library.  While Widener is the largest supplier of transfers to Houghton, these may come from other libraries.  Adapt these instructions as necessary.  For material which is newly-acquired, follow standard procedures for transfers in the following section, Transfers - Unclassified (Newly-purchased) Monographic Transfers.

  • Do not correct or enhance the Bibliographic record.
  • Open the Widener holdings record for the item in hand.  Put a subfield x note in the 852 indicating the item was transferred to Houghton.  Suppress the Widener holdings record only if there are no additional copies indicated which have not also been transferred to Houghton.
  • Create a new Houghton holdings record, populating the 008, 541 (to reflect the original acquisition by Widener), 852 and H09.  Use the old Widener call number as the accession number in the 541, and use it as the Houghton call number in the 852 (followed by an asterisk); put a subfield x note in the 852 indicating the item was transferred from Widener.  Retain the H08 information from the Widener record.
  • Do not put plates in transfer material.
  • Make sure the item record for the transferred Widener copy includes the following content:
    • Item Processing Status = WT (Item withdrawn and transferred to other HCL library)
    • Item Status = 88 (Suppressed)
  • Create a new item record and link it to the new Houghton holdings record; populate fields as with any new item.
  • Cross off any Widener or HD barcodes (report any withdrawn HD barcodes to the Technical Services librarian for deletion).
  • Print a routing slip for the item, indicating the call number, date of original accession and HOLLIS record number; check boxes for the creation of a tab and ownership label.
  • Place fragile or flimsy items in prefabs (reflect this in a 562 note).
  • Dispatch item to books end-processing staff.

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Created : May 4, 2010
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