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This class comprises books and serials (primarily 19th-century) illustrated with original mounted photographs. (Other similar works are classed in TypPh and Horblit TypPh.)

The first element of the call number is Phot. The usual size designations for regular Houghton call numbers are prefixed as needed.

The second element is the Cutter number for the main entry. Follow the usual practice for constructing Cutter numbers. For anonymous works, use A100. The second element is separated from the first element by a space, with no period.

For the third element, follow normal Houghton practice. Separate the second and third elements with a period, no space.

Phot D8576.862mb

Duchenne, G.-B.
Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine … 2. éd.
Paris, 1876. (1st ed. = 1862)

For serials, construct the call number as you would using the regular Houghton classification, then prefix it with Phot and a space.

Phot AP8.C3303

Celebrities monthly.
New York, 1895-1896.