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When stocks of barcodes dip below 100, it's time to reorder.

We order barcodes for the following Houghton collections:

  • Houghton Library
  • Harvard Theatre Collection
  • Woodberry Poetry Room Collection

Orders may be placed for one or more collections at a time.

There are several steps to follow:

  1. Obtain a range of barcode numbers;

  2. Estimate the price;

  3. Create a purchase order in Oracle;

  4. Place an order with Data2;

  5. Confirm the order;

  6. Update the P.O. (if necessary);

  7. Receive the order;

  8. Receive the order in Oracle.

For all Houghton collections we order within the following parameters:

  • label type : T9817
  • Item: 40011
  • Model: J130PL, Pairs, 2 mil
  • Item description: 2 x 0.625   BC LABEL
  • Quantity: (the number of barcode numbers)
  • Physical quantity: (double the number of barcode numbers - we always purchase two of each number)
  • Sequence Start: 3 2044 ... (the starting number supplied)
  • Sequence End:   3 2044 ... (the ending number supplied)
  • Text: (the collection, eg Houghton Library, Harvard Theatre Collection, Woodberry Poetry Room Collection)

Obtain a range of barcode numbers

Use the form at

  • Fill in the appropriate information (Name, Email, Phone, Ordering Library);
  • Select the correct Type of label (J130PL, 40011, 2"x5/8", Pairs, 4-mil Paper, 2-mil Acrylic, $25.25 per 1,000);
  • Indicate the Logical Quantity (how many unique numbers are needed), and the Physical Quantity (actual number of labels).  The physical quantity is always twice the number of the logical quantity.
  • Submit the form.

An e-mail reply with the requested range of numbers will arrive in a couple of days.  

As of May 1, 2014, the contact for these is Luke Gaudreau, Production Systems Librarian ( / (617) 495-3724).

Estimate the price

Use figures on the order form (eg $25.25/1,000 or $0.02525/label)

Create a purchase order in Oracle

Supplier: DATA2 INC
Supplier Site: ST LOUIS_01
Supplier Item: J130PL
Description: (Barcodes for XX Library/Collection(s))
Quantity: (total number of physical barcodes needed (logical quantity x 2 = physical quantity)
Budget: 415.37084.6610.565797.653420.0000.00000        

Place an order with Data2

This is currently done by emailing: with text which includes the elements in this example:

I would like to place the following barcode order:

The purchase order number for this order is: 70001003614

Label_type : T9817
Item 40011
Model J130PL, Pairs, 2 mil  

Item description: 2 x 0.625   BC LABEL

Quantity  = 2,000
Physical quantity = 4,000


Start: 3 2044 132 803 38
End:   3 2044 132 823 37

Text: Houghton Library

Please ship to:

Lewis Day
Technical Services Librarian
Houghton Library
1 Harvard Yard
Cambridge, MA 02138

Please also send copy of invoice to our Accounts Payable address on file:
Harvard University
P.O. Box 381588
Cambridge, MA 02238

Thank you,


Confirm the order

Data2 will e-mail to confirm the order.

If Data2 lists postage/shipping costs, update the P.O.

Update the P.O. (if necessary)

If the amount changes or postage/shipping needs to be added to the estimate.

Receive the order

Verify the Start and End numbers.
Place the new barcodes at the bottom of the stock of barcodes on hand.

Receive the order in Oracle

Note the receipt number.

At the beginning and end of this process any internal spreadsheet for supply orders should be updated.