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  • Houghton Library is a depository for New Directions publications. 
  • All deposits receive a current accession number, and a Houghton call number if the author has already been established in Houghton's main classification scheme.  If no Houghton author has been established, the item will receive an LC call number.
  • Deposits are shipped in bulk to HD.  Send items through end-processing for ownership labels and plates only, with instructions to return them to the Bibliographic Assistant.  Store them in a paige box until it is full.  Select one item record in Aleph to link with the paige box barcode.  Create H77 fields in the holdings of all the other items, linking back to the ‘barcoded’ item record.  If a patron requests any one of the titles, the entire box will be recalled from HD.


Sample Holdings Record:

541 0_  |c Gift;

             |a New Directions Publishing;

             |b 80 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10011;

             |d  date received;

             |e  current accession number.

             |5  hou

561 1_  |a  New Directions Archive, received (year).  |5 hou

563       |a  As issued, in printed illustrated paper covers; in group box with other New Directions titles.  |5  hou

                                                Or, for a hardcover:

            |a  As issued, in dark blue cloth over boards, with printed and illustrated blue dust jacket; in group box with other New Directions titles.  |5  hou


Routing Slip Information for individual items:

Include this note under Additional Instructions:  “Ownership label and plate only.  Return to Bibliographic Assistant after pasting and counting.  NO BARCODE.”

(When end-processors return books, store them in a paige box until it is ready to be shipped out.)


Prepare Paige Box for HD:

When the paige box is full, select a book that will serve as the box's barcoded item record.  In Aleph, create an item record for that book.  Systematically go through the rest of the box contents, creating H77's in each of their Aleph holdings, linking back to the selected book record.  Open a Word document and create a box list as you do this, with the title of the first book at the top, in bold, accompanied by Hollis number.  List the rest of the titles and their Hollis numbers underneath alphabetically.  When H77s and box list are complete, print out the box list on perma paper for inclusion with the books.  Create a routing slip for the box.


Sample Routing Slip for the Box:

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