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  • Houghton Library is a depository for Marguerite Yourcenar publications and translations.  They are gifted to Houghton by Éditions Gallimard.
  • All deposits are sent to HD in paige boxes.  The Bibliographic Assistant receives each item, assigns an accession number, catalogs it, and sends it to end-processing for ownership labels and plates only, with instructions to return it to the Bibliographic Assistant.  Items are stored in a paige box until it is full.  One item record in Aleph is selected for the paige box barcode.  All other items receive H77 fields in their holdings, linking back to the ‘barcoded’ item record.  If a patron requests any one of the titles, the entire box will be recalled from HD.
Sample Holdings Record

 541 0_  |c Gift;

             |a Éditions Gallimard;

            |b  5 Rue Sébastian Bottin, 75328 Paris CEDEX 07, France;

            |d  date received, or approximation if there is no receipt;

            |e current accession number.

            |5  hou

561 1_  |a  Marguerite Yourcenar Archive, received from Éditions Gallimard, (year).  |5  hou

563       |a  As issued, in printed illustrated paper covers; in group box with other Marguerite Yourcenar titles. Or if a hardcover, for example:  |a  As issued, in dark blue cloth over boards, with printed and illustrated blue dust jacket; in group box with other Marguerite Yourcenar titles.

            |5  hou

862 0_    |b  HOU  |c  HD  |h Houghton Call Number

H08        |a  c    |b  t


As of November 2012, the classification of Yourcenar deposits has changed to reflect a process similar to that of classifying John Updike deposits.  (For step-by-step instructions, see the wiki entry for John Updike Deposits).  The prefix and cutter for Yourcenar have already been established as FC9.Y8850.  Every work by Yourcenar has also been given its own cutter–the first letter of the title followed by a number.  Designated cutter numbers for the individual titles are listed below.

Cutter numbers for her individual titles:

FC9.Y8850A1. : Alexis ou le traité du vain combat (1929)

FC9.Y8850A2. : Anna, soror… (1981)

FC9.Y8850A3. : Archives du Nord (1977)  [v.2 of Le labyrinthe du monde]

FC9.Y8850C7. : Le changeur d’or [short story; possibly only published in a Parisian journal]

FC9.Y8850C1. : Les charités d'Alcippe (1956)

FC9.Y8850C2. : Comme l'eau qui coule (1982)

FC9.Y8850C5. : Comment Wang-Fô fut sauvé  [short story from Nouvelles orientales]

FC9.Y8850C3. : Constantin Cavafy (1958)

FC9.Y8850C6. : Conte bleu [short story]

FC9.Y8850C. :  Le coup de grâce (1939)

FC9.Y8850C4. : La Couronne et la Lyre (The Crown and the Lyre)

FC9.Y8850D1. : Dark Brain of Piranesi: and Other Essays (1984)

FC9.Y8850D2. : Denier du rêve (1934, revised 1958–59)

FC9.Y8850E1. : Électre ou la chute des masques (1954)

FC9.Y8850F1. : Feux (prose poem, 1936)

FC9.Y8850F2. : Fleuve profond, sombre rivière: les negros spirituals (1964)

FC9.Y8850J1. : Le jardin des chimères (1921)

FC9.Y8850L1. : Le labyrinthe du monde (1974–84)

FC9.Y8850M. : Mémoires d'Hadrien (1951)

FC9.Y8850M :  Mémoires d’Hadrien : suivis des Carnets de notes des Mémoires d’Hadrien (1953)

FC9.Y8850M1. : Mishima ou la vision du vide (essay, 1980)

FC9.Y8850M2. : La mort conduit l'attelage (1934)

FC9.Y8850N1. : La nouvelle Eurydice (1931)

FC9.Y8850N2. : Nouvelles orientales (short stories, 1938)

FC9.Y8850O1. : L'Œuvre au noir (novel, 1968, Prix Femina 1968)

FC9.Y8850O2. : Œuvres romanesques (1982)

FC9.Y8850P1. : Pindare (1932)

FC9.Y8850Q1. : Quoi? L'Éternité (1988)  [v.3 of Le labyrinthe du monde]

FC9.Y8850S1. : Les songes et les sorts (1938)

FC9.Y8850S2. : Sous bénéfice d'inventaire (1962) 

FC9.Y8850S3. : Souvenirs pieux (1974)  [v.1 of Le labyrinthe du monde]

FC9.Y8850T1. : Le temps, ce grand sculpteur (1984)

FC9.Y8850T2. : Théâtre, 1971

FC9.Y8850T3 : Le tour de la prison (1991)

FC9.Y8850Y1. : Yes, Peut-être, Shaga (1969)

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