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Tracking order information is more than an administrative task; it is essential to post-imaging workflow and can be extremely helpful in resolving issues for patrons and staff.  Tracking spreadsheets are kept for each fiscal year’s orders.  The pre-Imaging fields that should be filled out include:

Aeon Transaction No.           

Include all associated order numbers.  Fill cell with red if it will be restricted.


Add an miscellaneous notes.

Metadata Created (Date)


Done by          

Provide initials

Estimated time (min)   


Hollis #

Include at least one Hollis number, if many items are included.  However, Hollis number can be a valuable field to search on when resolving linking errors, etc

Whole object? 

Mark to identify when whole objects have been deposited.


Nature of the restriction

Indicate if item is to be restricted. 

Harvard Only

Specify delivery method.

Delivery method (now and future)
Two week link
Paper copies
Two week link initial, paper copies future

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