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In order to link material in Aleph, a NET Holdings record must be created with an appropriate template and populated with information from the spreadsheet and DRS report. Templates are saved centrally in Houghton_Imaging. They are also stored on the computer’s C: drive in AL50020\Catalog\template (note: use most current AL version and migrate templates to new directory when it is released). These files may be edited in a text program, such as Notepad. Date fields in the 843 must be updated at the change of the calendar year. 

e.g. No PDS, Printed Material Template




LDR   L ^^^^nx^22^^^^1n^4500

OWN   L $$aNET

LKR   L $$aHOL$$lHVD01$$b

007   L cr|cn^|||||a|p

007   L cr|cn^|||||a|a

008   L 0411101z^^^8^4001aa^^0000000

5060  L $$aNo restrictions on access copy.$$fUnrestricted online access$$2star$$5MH

538   L $$aDigital master created according to Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs and Serials, Version 1. Digital Library Federation, December 2002.$$u

5831  L $$aHarvard University Library$$lcommitted to preserve$$5MH

843   L $$aElectronic reproduction.$$bCambridge, Mass. :$$cHarvard College Library Digital Imaging Group,$$d2011.$$nCopy digitized: Houghton Library:[call number]$$7s2011^^^^maun^s

852   L $$bNET$$cRDM

85640 L $$3[identify page image here]$$u$$zColor digital image available

H08   L $$ac$$bt

H09   L $$knethou

H72   L $$adlr

When opening Aleph, connect to Holdings HVD60.  Search in Aleph for the relevant BIB record and open the record.  Select open template and select appropriate template from the following:

LDR __ _ ^^^^nx^22^^^^1n^4500

OWN __ |a NET

LKR __ |a HOL |1 HVD01 |b [Aleph System Number/Hollis Number **must include all leading zeros for nine digits total**]

007 __ _ cr|cn^|||||a|p

007 __ _ cr|cn^|||||a|a

008 __ _ 0411101z^^^8^4001aa^^0000000

506 0_ |a No restrictions on access copy. |f Unrestricted online access |2 star |5 MH

538 __ |a Digital master created according to Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs and Serials, Version 1. Digital Library Federation, December 2002. |u

538 1_ |a Harvard University Library |1 committed to preserve |5 MH

843 __ |a Electronic reproduction. |b Cambridge, Mass. : |c Harvard College Library Digital Imaging Group, |d 2011. |n Copy digitized: Houghton Library: [CALL NUMBER] |7 s2011^^^^maun^s

852 __ |b NET |c RDM

856 __ |3  [IDENTIFY MATERIAL] |u[#####] |z Color digital images available of entire work. |z Color digital images available of selected pages. [SELECT APPROPRIATE $z, DELETE OTHER]

H08 __ |a c |b 20110318  [CURRENT DATE]

H09 __ |k nethou

H72 __ |a dlr

Restricted material templates have slight differences.  A status field is added indicating the restriction:


Additionally, two more subfields in the 843 are included: one for listing delivery options and one for indicating the object’s DRS id.  The DRS id is necessary for opening a suppressed link and accessing the material in the future.


|x DRS ID: [######]

 NOTE: As of September 2017, links to digital images of restricted (i.e. under copyright) material described in finding aids will be added as Digital Objects in ArchivesSpace only, and will no longer be added to a suppressed holdings record in ALEPH as had been previous practice.

For BIB records with multiple objects associated, more than one NET Holdings record may exist.  Each call number should have a separate NET Holdings record. 

For objects with pre-existing NET Holdings records, add the most recent digitization year (first and last year should be represented on the record, no more) and change the “s” (single) to “m” (multiple) in the 843 $7, e.g.:

|7 s2011^^^^maun^s (single)

|7 m20112012maun^s (multiple)

Create another 843 to link the newly digitized material.  For material with a NET Holdings records for a bibliography, consolidate bibliography information on the new NET Holdings record and delete the old one.

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