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Fixed field that comprises the first 24 character positions, chiefly concerns record status and format of material.

Bytes of interest:

(05) Record status        n    (new)  

(06) Type of record        t     (manuscript language material)

                                          d    (manuscript notated music)

                                           f     (manuscript cartographic material)

                                           k    (2-dimensional non-projected graphic)

                                           r     (realia)

(07) Bibliographic level   m   (monograph/single-item)

                                           c    (collection)

(08) Type of control        a    (archival control)

(17) Encoding level         ^    (full level)

(18) Descriptive form       ^    (non-ISBD)


Note: For materials that can be fully described in a MARC record but are better described as a collection rather than a single-item, use the collection-level cataloging manual standard.

For fuller specifications of this field see MARC 21.

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